Communist influenceAmong the demonstrations accompanying the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen was the Saturday, December 12 "Global Day of Action" at which protestors from 108 countries marched four miles through the city's streets to demand "climate justice." Brent Baker with the Media Research Center pointed out in his BiasAlert article, "Network journalists who were quick to see racists, haters and extremists amongst the 'tea party' protesters were oblivious... to communists" participating in the march.

Copenhagen attendeesCOPENHAGEN — Upon arrival at the United Nations COP15 Climate Change Summit in Copenhagenon December 14, the police officer in military fatigues guarding the gate informed us that no, those crowds were not protesters, “They’re journalists.”

CopenhagenWilliam F. Jasper, senior editor for The New American and Alex Newman, contributor to The New American, are in Copenhagen this week attending the United Nations Climate Conference.

classroomCould you imagine being jailed simply because you decided to opt your children out of sex education? Well, this is exactly what is happening to a number of fathers in Germany. And, if certain forces in the United States have their way, such a policy could one day find its way to our shores as well.

EU flag“Our Magna Carta has been superceeded,” declared the London Daily Telegraph's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard as the European Union came into force for Britain. In his December 6 column, Evans-Pritchard explained that “the Charter of Fundamental Rights — legally binding in the UK as of Tuesday, when Lisbon came into force — asserts that the EU has the authority to circumscribe all rights and freedoms.”