EU FlagDuring a two-day European Union summit held in Brussels from October 15-16, French President Nicolas Sarkozy (whose country holds the EU's rotating presidency) stressed that the EU would maintain its stringent goals to reduce carbon emissions, despite economic objections from some EU member nations. Following the prevailing opinion held by much of the world, the EU’s leaders have based their continent-wide regulations on the theory that periodic variations in global temperatures are the result of man-made causes, such as emissions of C02 gasses.

russain armyAn American defense of Georgia could risk nuclear war, yet the Bush administration seems determined to turn this brush fire into a Cuban Missile Crisis-like stare-down.

gordon brownThe ongoing chaos in the world’s financial markets shows no sign of abating, and governments, financiers, and their kept economists are now openly talking of a reprise of the Great Depression, unless something is done quickly.

GorbachevHis vociferous support for Russia's heavy aerial bombardment and invasion of Georgia notwithstanding, Mikhail S. Gorbachev is scheduled to be presented the Liberty Medal on September 18 by former President George H. W. Bush.

Swedish ProtestSweden’s strong cultural values have temporarily propped up its celebrated welfare state, but this support is growing steadily weaker due to the nation’s socialist policies.

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