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Friday, 31 December 2010 12:30

Residents Abandon Juarez by Thousands as Violence Escalates

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JuarezViolence in Juarez, Mexico — arguably the world’s deadliest city — is now costing not only lives, but livelihoods, as residents flee, abandoning homes and businesses to save themselves. The highest unofficial estimates of the exodus, compiled by social organizations, a local university, and a municipal group, could exceed 230,000, according to CBS News.

Officials in this city of nearly 1.5 million are unsure exactly how many have left, because it is difficult to gauge the population. Juarez has always attracted thousands of high-turnover factory workers, many of whom work on one side of the border and live on the other. Additionally, the city is also used as a way-station for those crossing illegally into El Paso, Texas. 

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