Monday, 03 January 2011

Communist Manifesto Gets Comic Book Makeover

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Communist ManifestoMove over Superman and Spiderman; make room for the latest comic book installment to hit a comic shop and bookstore near you — Karl Marx and Frederick Engels in The Communist Manifesto (Illustrated)! That’s right. The classic 1848 publication has just received a brand new makeover as a comic book with the hope of making communism appealing to a new generation of young, enthusiastic comic readers.

Although comic books may no longer possess the same aura of popularity they once enjoyed among the younger crowd, who now find distractions in the latest videogames that technology has to offer, the Communist Manifesto comic book is meant to be not so much leisure reading as a study tool designed to “engage more students,” according to the comic’s creator George S. Rigakos, an associate professor of law, criminology, and political economy at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

According to Metro News, Rigakos explained: “Next year, I’m hoping to incorporate it [the comic book] into one of my courses on police and capital. I think it would do particularly well in an introduction to [a] political science-type course.”

Aside from his academic duties as a college professor, Rigakos is also the new chief editor of the Editorial Collective that runs Red Quill Books, the Canadian-based communist book publishing company that brought out the Communist Manifesto comic book.

When asked in an interview with Sequential why he chose to re-image the Manifesto in the form of a comic, Rigakos explained, “There is something personal and enveloping about a comic book or graphic novel that you simply cannot get in any other format.”