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Sunday, 27 February 2011 07:00

Calderon Volleys Criticism at U.S.

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Felipe reported on February 25 that Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón, in an exclusive interview February 22 with the Mexican newspaper El Universal, criticized U.S. cooperation in his war on the drug cartels. According to Calderón, "I found cooperation in this [counter-narcotics] matter with both President Bush and President Obama, but obviously the cooperation ends up being notoriously insufficient."

"What should Americans cooperate in?" Calderón asked rhetorically, and then supplied his own answer by lamenting: "In reducing the consumption of drugs — they haven’t reduced that; and two, in stopping the flow of weapons, and they haven’t reduced that — instead they’ve increased it." He also complained: "We see that the DEA, CIA and ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] always have a policy of their own. The truth is, they’re not coordinated and they rival one another." The Mexican President also called on the United States to reinstate its assault weapons ban.

In the interview, Calderón didn’t elaborate on why he believes it’s the responsibility of the United States to end Mexico’s drug problems, and he also failed to mention that Mexican emigration is exacerbating and fueling the drug war. But his statements were the very same as those he issued at a joint session of Congress last May. At the invitation of President Obama, Calderón addressed U.S. lawmakers, taking the opportunity to reprimand America for everything that’s wrong at the border. According to Joe Wolverton of The New American, the Mexican President, in the spirit of a true politician, ”passed the buck.”

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