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With UN Support, Socialist Chavez Disarms Civilians in Venezuela

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After presiding over an unprecedented surge in violence and murder in Venezuela, the regime of socialist strongman Hugo Chávez — with the full support and assistance of the United Nations — has decided to wage all-out war on private firearm ownership. A series of new restrictions on the rights of civilians are supposedly part of an effort to fight crime and preserve “peace” as the nation’s ongoing economic implosion accelerates. 

Critics and gun-rights advocates, however, blasted the controversial decision to disarm law-abiding citizens, warning that criminals could now run even wilder without any fear of consequences. More pessimistic analysts also warned that the already out-of-control socialist regime might seek to solidify its iron-fisted rule after rendering the public completely defenseless.

"We're the guarantee of peace," Chávez claimed, warning that his opponents might seek to foment violence ahead of the next election. According to the non-profit Venezuelan Violence Observatory (VVO), there were 4,500 homicides in 1999 when the socialist ruler seized power and instituted gun control. Last year, the figure was close to 20,000 — a new record for the nation. Few are ever solved.

Opponents of the new ban have highlighted the absurdity of targeting legal firearms. Attorney Luis Izquiel, who leads the security committee for Venezuela’s opposition, for example, noted that there were only around 25,000 gun permits, while the number of firearms in Venezuela is estimated at around 10 million. 

"Here criminals don't use legal firearms," Izquiel told the Associated Press, saying that the regime was “misguided” in supposedly trying to tackle violence by targeting legal gun owners. Criminologist Fermín Mármol also told AFP that the new ban was aimed at law-abiding citizens and would therefore have "very little" impact on crime.  

Other analysts said the scheme would likely lead to even more mayhem. “What will inevitably end up happening is the disarmament of law-abiding citizens while criminals maintain their weapons. It will do nothing to lessen the amount of crime occurring there,” explained Solomon Horn in an analysis for the liberty-minded Lone Republic. “In fact, it will probably create more.”

But increasing crime might just be a small side effect of the scheme. “We are witnessing a terrible reality: socialism always descends into tyranny. With the entire Venezuelan civilian population disarmed, Hugo Chávez can implement whatever policies he wishes,” Horn continued. “The government will be free to oppress its citizens without any real threat of opposition.”

Prior to the latest decree, infringements on the right to keep and bear arms in the oil-rich nation were already severe since Chávez took over, but the few citizens with a gun permit were allowed to freely purchase weapons for self-defense and other purposes. The new UN-backed measure, however, purports to prohibit the transfer of all arms and ammunition to civilians.

Before the prohibition went into effect, the regime offered a sort of “amnesty” period for citizens to surrender their guns. Officials reportedly warned that failure to submit could result in house-to-house searches and arrests.

All commercial gun stores and dealers were also officially declared illegal and were recently ordered to surrender their inventories to the regime. Meanwhile, military, police, and security personnel are exempted from the ban and may purchase weapons from the state-owned firearms dealership, according to “Justice Minister” Tarek El Aissami.   

“Nobody will be able to have new weapons or new permits,” El Aissami was quoted as saying by the state news agency. “The goal is to disarm the civilian population." Ironically, experts say many of the guns held by criminals in Venezuela were originally sold illegally by corrupt government officials, AFP reported.

According to statistics cited by the anti-gun UN and the Chavez regime — which claimed to be responding to the global body’s concerns by banning firearms — Venezuela now has one of the highest murder rates in the world at about 50 per 100,000 people yearly. The U.S., by comparison, has less than one tenth of that number — and Americans are by far the most heavily armed people on earth. 

It was not immediately clear why the socialist regime thought that criminals who ignore murder and robbery laws would be inclined to obey a mere gun ban — or whether officials ever believed that at all. Other nations that have implemented civilian-disarmament programs, such as the United Kingdom and Australia, witnessed immediate and dramatic surges in gun crime.

Analysts attribute the widely observed phenomenon to the fact that criminals no longer fear their law-abiding victims, feeling that they can act with impunity. According to expert John Lott, who wrote the book More Guns, Less Crime, violence tends to decrease in jurisdictions with stronger protection for the right to keep and bear arms. 

But in typical fashion, Chávez, who has ruled Venezuela for over a decade, claimed in March that the violence — which has soared to new records under his reign and its gun-control measures — was somehow "inherited from the capitalist time." Because the regime has waged a ruthless and relentless war on the press, media outlets in the nation largely parroted his absurd claims without question.

The UN, which worked closely with the Venezuelan government in the development of the civilian disarmament program and will participate in some elements of its implementation, also called on the media to support the controversial schemes. Resident UN Coordinator for Venezuela Alfredo Missair praised the anti-gun program and reiterated the global body’s support for it, the Venezuelan National Assembly reported on its website. 

"You are also responsible in this important fight — we need the cooperation of not only the United Nations but of the media,” Missair told the press, calling on news outlets to campaign against “insecurity” by backing the international organization’s controversial anti-gun schemes. “So, we are offering all the support they require to do a good job."

But the socialist regime itself probably has its own reasons for the plot, according to analysts. “While it is clear that Venezuela has a serious crime problem, little has been mentioned about how Chávez's declining health could lead to civil unrest in the wake of rumors that his cancer is in its terminal stages,” noted Ryan Villarreal in a report for the International Business Times.

The new measure, Villarreal said, could be an effort to limit the potential violence in the event of a power vacuum. “The political situation in Venezuela could be severely destabilized by Chávez's death or incapacitation due to illness, and the government appears to be preparing for such a scenario,” he concluded.

Many other analysts agreed that the new firearm measure may have something to do with the strongman’s potentially terminal illness. Some, however, suggested that the anti-gun scheme may actually be a ploy to ensure that the socialist regime’s progress is not scaled back after its leader’s demise.   

“Civilian disarmament, of course, will mean Chávez's’ legions will retain the upper hand against any opponents after his death, perpetuating, he hopes, his ‘Bolivarian revolution,’” wrote Robert Hunnicutt for Shotgun News, pointing out that the regime has distributed weapons among its backers.

“The fruits of that revolution have, of course, mainly been association with Cuba, Iran and Russia, the squandering of vast oil wealth, repression and violent crime,” Hunnicutt concluded. “In that context, a gun ban was about as surprising as the sparks flying upward.”

Unlike in Venezuela, and despite criticism by the fanatical anti-gun zealots ruling Communist China and the U.S. Justice Department, Americans’ right to keep and bear arms is explicitly enshrined in the Constitution. But the Obama administration — which recently gave the prestigious Medal of Freedom to hardcore Chávez enthusiast and influential socialist Dolores Huerta — is now pursuing a global anti-gun treaty with the United Nations that critics say could seek to disarm U.S. civilians, too.

Any effort to strip the rights of Americans, of course, would almost certainly be met with overwhelming and unprecedented resistance. Whether Venezuelans will permanently surrender remains to be seen, but analysts say the battle there is not over just yet. 

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Photos: Chávez (right) holds a miniature copy of the 1999 Venezuelan Constitution at the 2005 World Social Forum held in Brazil; (left) the infamous "twisted gun" sculpture outside UN headquarters.


  • Comment Link Madeleine Thursday, 07 June 2012 22:42 posted by Madeleine

    The UN has no right to do anything it does, we did not elect them to any office , they are unelected officials making laws for us, the constitution says that is not allowed, no one shall make laws for us except elected American officials,. They seem positioned to take over the world, thats not going to happen, Not today and not by a bunch of Stumblebums whose names we don't even know .Unfortunately Obama has made it harder for us because he has given most of the country to China, why we even deal with them is beyond me, they make horrible goods, terrible shoes which gave me exema the firs ttime i wore them, they should be run out of here on a rail and be banned from this country forever just because they had the nerve to complain about us in any shape or form. They want us to disarm too, why? because the UN said so, this is our new neighbors? I think not. Here the Muslims think they are going to take over and get everything we have, they actually said so but they missed the boat, this should be interesting. Someone in the whitehouse lied ot them.

  • Comment Link Madeleine Thursday, 07 June 2012 02:09 posted by Madeleine

    This is why I am voting for Ron Paul, he is the only person who would get the UN out of our country, if we did that I would bet that a lot of countries would follow suit. The UN act as though they are royalty, Koiffi Anan with his 5,000 $ suits and his bad attitude, when he walsk into a room he gets a standing ovation, Why, I have no idea. I hav eseen them take two bags of rice and throw it out the back of a truck to hundreds or starvbving people and they drive off, what are hundereds of starving people going ot do with two o rthree bags of rice? If they try ot take our guns and get them, we are at their mercy, they will probably kill us or starve us to death, now I noticed FEMA was selling dried food online to the public, LOL, I'd be afraid to use it, that woudl be a good way ot kill us off, I might by a few bags and pretend I'm saving it for an emergency, it sawful the way your mind races thinkinj gof ways to get around them, they have closed off every cave in the USA, they claim it was a bat virus, , a bat virus? I didn't knwo there was such a think, wondering where the bears wenty to hibernate last year.A few years back all the Lobsters in Maine were coming up half dead and dead, and that , we were told, was a lobster Virus. George W bombin gunderwater had nothing to do with it. If they try ot take our guns we will have to do wsomething to stop it, what I dont' know but there are so many of us and not that many of them, We have millions of people willing to fight the good fight and thousands of people who know how to do it, we will survive in spite of them. The UN has no rights here as far as I'm concerned, I might give soemthing up for someone else but not the UN, They mean nothing to me and they have nothing ot do with us no matter who says they do, they don't. They are spongers.

  • Comment Link Ross Wolf Thursday, 07 June 2012 02:06 posted by Ross Wolf

    Your White House Is Red—Not White

    When Obama was a Presidential candidate he mirrored in many respects Venezuelan socialist Hugo Chavez’s first run for Presidency. Obama like Chavez to get elected, promised large populations of poor Americans that if elected president, his government would spend billions on welfare and government programs to help disadvantaged Citizens. Chavez was able to motivate poor voters by stating his government could pay for socialist programs by taxing higher income citizens, large property owners and businesses. By 2010 Chavez was running out of money to pay for his promised welfare and government programs. Venezuelans that voted for Chavez prior were angry having lost their jobs and possessions to a shrinking Venezuelan economy. Chavez needing money to hold the support of large poor populations to stay in power, nationalized banks, private land and businesses. Subsequently Chavez in 2009-2010 found it necessary to deploy military forces against his own people to intimidate and control Venezuelans protesting harsh economic conditions. In 2012 Chavez’s socialism having miserably failed, Chavez is disarming the entire citizenry except for his police and military. What Next?

    Where is Obama headed? In 2012 Obama is gaining voter support from the fast-growing population of Food Stamp and Welfare Recipients. Many recipients believe their U.S. Taxpayer paid food stamps and welfare subsidies will be cutback or stop if Obama is not re-elected: It is foreseeable there could be public unrest if Obama is reelected and taxpayer paid welfare, food stamps and other subsidies are cutback or eliminated.

    Obama a red diaper baby, inherently does not represent Americans, but a Socialist or more red ideology that will use, or cause civil unrest and economic chaos to force socialism or worse on U.S. Citizens, crushing non-believers even at the costs of destroying the U.S. economy and Constitution. Historically when Socialists/communists take over a country, their first step before disarming the Citizens is to control all forms of public communications to control Civilian populations. Obama wants to control the Internet; force government censorship and disseminate government propaganda—at taxpayer expense.

    Historically socialism / communism has worked by murdering civilian populations considered non-critical citizens until those populations are either exterminated or reduced to a level an unproductive socialist /communist government can support; and stealing property from jailed and killed countrymen. Some in the Obama Government openly state they support dismantling capitalism, but does that include destruction of the United States. Obviously if free enterprise were dismantled most jobs in America would be eliminated. There would be millions of non-critical U.S. Citizens a socialist/communist Government would not want to support, especially older Americans.

    Obama does not represent America but an ideology that will crush democracies to accomplish socialist.communist objectives. It is alarming Obama has control over our police and military.

  • Comment Link Michael Oberndorf, RPA Wednesday, 06 June 2012 18:58 posted by Michael Oberndorf, RPA

    This is the UN Small Arms treaty in action. Crimes will increase, be blamed on the opposition, who will then be unable to fight back when the government targets them for arrest and extermination. It's happened before and will happen again, until people learn that the UN is a fascist organization working for the banking interests of the world...

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