The Swedish government announced on November 11 that it would reintroduce border controls to stem the uncontrolled flow of migrants entering the Scandinavian nation. Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Lofven told reporters in Valetta, Malta, the day after the announcement: “when our authorities tell us we cannot guarantee the security and control of our borders, we need to listen."

“This is betrayal.... Europe has been betrayed!" warned Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, as he spoke of "treason and conspiracy" among European leaders.

Once again, Gardasil is stirring debate, this time in Ireland, where a nurse is pursuing a withdrawal of the license for the HPV vaccine intended to prevent cervical cancer.

First some European churches decided to remove their crosses. Now some German primary schools and daycare centers are renaming a traditional Christian festival to avoid “offending” Islamic newcomers.

While most of the press has focused on Obama's military machinations in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq, the administration has also been quietly expanding its secret wars and assassination programs across Africa.

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