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A November 13 press release issued by the UNODC — the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime — stated that opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan rose 36 percent in 2013, which is a record high. Additionally, opium production amounted to 5,500 tons, up by 49 percent since 2012.

A South Korean newspaper has reported that North Korea executed 80 people in early November, some for such prohibited activities as watching TV and possessing Bibles.

Following negative reactions from the United States over Israel’s November 12 announcement that the Jewish state would add 20,000 housing units in West Bank settlements, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu directed Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel to “reconsider” such plans.

A motley assortment of the planet’s most ruthless Islamist and Communist autocracies were appointed on November 12 to sit on the increasingly discredited United Nations “Human Rights” Council (UN HRC), drawing swift condemnation and ridicule from around the world. The week before, the mass-murdering dictatorship ruling over mainland China had its “education vice-minister” elected to lead the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), adding more fuel to the fire for critics who advocate an American withdrawal from the scandal-plagued planetary outfits.

Amid sky-rocketing inflation and escalating shortages sparked by socialist policies, the authoritarian regime in Venezuela ordered a military “occupation” of certain businesses in a bid to force them to charge what authorities deem “fair” prices. Venezuelan rulers also vowed this week to intensify the ruthless assault on “bourgeois parasites,” also known as productive businesses in countries unlike Venezuela and Cuba.

Store managers are already being rounded up and jailed, as the formerly prosperous nation’s economic implosion accelerates. Venezuelan “President” Nicolás Maduro also promised that the business seizures and military occupations would be just the “tip of the iceberg,” telling the public that others would be next in the crosshairs if they refused to comply with the regime’s economic decrees.

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