From the ashes of Kiev has come one key lesson that history teaches over and over: Repressive governments fear citizens with guns.


A report from an investigative news team in the U.K. has revealed that British hospitals have been incinerating aborted babies to help heat their facilities.

In what is widely being described as a “rigged” presidential election in El Salvador, “former” Marxist mass-murderer Salvador Sánchez Cerén with the globalist-backed and gangster-funded FMLN, a strong ally of Latin American communist and socialist tyrants, was declared the winner without a recount. Citing widespread fraud, the opposition ARENA party asked for the razor-thin-margin election results to be recounted, investigated, or annulled. However, an electoral commission controlled by Sánchez Cerén’s communist guerrilla group-turned political party refused, declaring the ex-Marxist terror “commander” to be the winner by less than 6,400 votes.

Even using Hitler references and “appeasement” terminology fails to prod Americans into supporting an active role for the United States in Central Europe's Ukrainian fray.


The Crimea referendum resembles a typical Communist vote, with a claimed 96.8-percent approval of seceding from Ukraine, joining Russia.

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