Reuters reported Thursday that China’s government plans to lay off between five and six million workers in its basic industries over the next two years. Will China's future mirror Japan's last lost 20 years?

A Chinese court sentenced a husband-and-wife team of Christian pastors to significant jail time and heavy fines for opposing the removal of their church's cross by the government.

PARIS — Top officials with the European Union are exploiting the refugee crisis they helped create to usurp more power from the nations and peoples ensnared in the controversial super-state. Without decisive action to turn back the assaults on national sovereignty and self-government, Europeans could soon find an armed EU force intervening in their nations on everything from “crime” and “terror” to border issues — without approval from their own elected representatives. But critics are speaking out loudly as the agenda marches forward.

In Broken Vows — Tony Blair: The Tragedy of Power, a newly published biography of former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, British investigative journalist Tom Bower charges that, while prime minister, Blair instructed his ministers to admit 350,000 asylum seekers into the U.K. by labeled them “economic migrants.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — During and after an explosive congressional hearing into what was described as “outrageous” United Nations retaliation against whistleblowers, U.S. lawmakers vowed to protect UN officials who expose wrongdoing — even if securing reforms means slashing American funding to the international organization. Congress also heard a variety of suggestions last week from persecuted UN whistleblowers on how to improve the dire situation, and why action on the issue of whistleblowing is both urgent and critical.