Communist China supplies the world with more than 95 percent of the rare earth minerals, resources which are increasingly vital to advanced technology. In September 2009, China announced that it would reduce its production of these minerals to 35,000 tons, with the stated reason being to conserve scare resources and to protect the environment. In July 2010, China reduced the quota of rare earth minerals for export by 72 percent. In September 2010, the communist government halted shipments of critical rare earth minerals to Japan and the next month also halted shipments to the United States and Europe.

This past Wednesday as Egyptian society slowly returned to normality, the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces appointed Tareq al-Bishry, a retired judge, to head the Constitutional Amendment Committee authorized to redraft six articles of the constitution within a period of 10 days.

With the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak at the unrelenting demands of Egyptian protestors, the fate of Egypt still remains perilous. And when it seemed as if the situation could not degenerate further, now at least 1,500 workers from the Suez Canal Authority have protested over wage conditions and lack of equality.

With the arrival of more than 5,000 Tunisians on the Italian isle of Lampedusa, the question for Italians is whether French novelist Jean Raspail's apocalyptic novel, Camp of the Saints, is becoming a reality.

London's Telegraph newspaper has again hammered Britain's National Health Service, that model of excellent patient care leftists want the United States to adopt. This time, the paper brought the health bureaucracy to book for its "callous" treatment of the elderly in a series of articles.