After publishing a story on Muslim migrant children attacking Canadian agemates, a mainstream newspaper scrubbed the piece from its website because, admits its editor, careful attention should have been paid to how migrant youth “might be impacted.”



German and Italian intelligence agencies have uncovered evidence indicating that terrorists are planning attacks this summer at resorts in France, Italy, and Spain.

How sad it will be when Brazil's citizenry, demanding political change, gets more of the same.

The Obama administration, the United Nations, and their Big Green enviro-activist allies are pushing to expand UN control over virtually all water on Earth, through a proposed new "biodiversity" addition to the Law Of the Sea Treaty (LOST).

If United Nations “peacekeeping” troops were on their way to the United States, at least one U.S. senator would be on the first plane home to protect his family from them. His concern: the apparently never-ending supply of rapists, predators, and child molesters among the UN's disgraced military forces.

That was the message delivered yesterday by U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), the powerful chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, during a hearing looking at the UN's response — mostly persecuting those who blow the whistle — to the growing scandal surrounding predatory UN soldiers who rape women and children worldwide with impunity. If something does not change, U.S. lawmakers said the UN may lose American taxpayer support for its “peace” armies. But even that is not enough.

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