The sludge of spendthrift government is spreading across the continent of Europe. In Greece, public employees staged protests even though an actuarial analysis revealed that public employee pensions were unsustainable. In Portugal, politicians and ordinary people huffed about the machinations of Germans and Brits against Mediterranean countries. Ireland, once the Celtic Tiger, is now absorbing the impact of a European Union bailout, and the ownership of Irish public debt by British banks is a presumed impetus. Spain is on the lips of nearly all the financial experts looking at excessive public debt, and it has seemed only a matter of time before the whole Iberian peninsula was going to be rolled over to the intensive care ward of the European Union’s fiscal hospital.

The viral exposure of a video of an anti-European Union speech given earlier this week at European Parliament has some political analysts wondering if England will see the rise of its own Tea Party movement, as much of the sentiments articulated throughout the speech echo the concerns addressed by America’s Tea Parties.

While the benefits of the items revealed in some of the Wikileaks reports are debatable, one cannot help but wonder about the motives of Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange. According to conservative pundit Glenn Beck, the ultimate purpose of Wikileaks is to bring about necessary anarchy that would eventually lead to a restructuring of power.

More than 40,000 Pakistani nationals are in the United Kingdom on student visas that have been expired for several years, despite the fact that the Pakistanis are working at various outlets to earn a livelihood instead of studying to gain a degree.

If you think the Muslim burka is about as far from looking like “swim wear” as you can imagine, think again. Some Muslim women in Australia beg to differ. And the West Australia Health Department and Office of Multicultural Affairs are too beholden to the demands of political correctness to disagree with them.