Should people of faith be allowed to practice their beliefs without the interference of government?  Christians in America have been wondering about that for several decades now. When a crèche cannot be shown in the public park, while a menorah can and when a voluntary school prayer before a football game is outlawed by federal judges, then Christians have to wonder just how far their right of faith extends.

Muslim sex gangs are collecting English girls on the streets of London and turning them into sex slaves, the Daily Mail recently reported, and "British" Pakistanis are nearly exclusively responsible for the unspeakable crimes.

The latest trial for such a crime began last week, the Mail reports. Yet this gang is hardly the only one.

News reports in the Mail and elsewhere suggest that Muslim-controlled sex slavery is quotidian routine, along with the proliferation of burqas and marching for Sharia law, in merry old England.

During his interview with Charlie Rose on Bloomberg TV Monday night, Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, commented that the chances of Greece defaulting are “so high that you almost have to say there’s no way out … the chances of Greece not defaulting are very small.”

Greece seems to be finding that it has fewer and fewer options to address its financial crisis. It is becoming increasingly clear that Greece will need another massive bailout in order to remain afloat, but European finance ministers have indicated that the bailout must be accompanied by a series of tough choices.

The lower house of France’s parliament has rejected a measure pushed by that country’s opposition Socialist Party to legalize same-sex marriage. By a vote of 293-222, the National Assembly, led by lawmakers from the conservative UMP (Union for a Popular Movement), turned back the bill which stipulated that “marriage can be contracted by two people of different sexes or of the same sex.”

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