U.S. Commander for Afghanistan General David Petraeus told NBC's “Meet the Press” August 15 that he prefers not to talk about “winning” in the Afghan war, and that Obama's deadline for withdrawal of U.S. troops from the war-torn nation of July 2011 was a flexible guideline where only a “couple of thousand” U.S. soldiers may be sent home by that date.

In preparing for the 2012 Olympics in London, the British tourist office, VisitBritain, has issued a list of “obscure and demanding dos and don’ts” that it expect British workers, from cab drivers to hotel workers, to observe to avoid offending foreign visitors.

Here in the United States, with budget deficits ballooning, our government is spending ever more money and creating new entitlements.

As one of the agency's major abortion providers, Marie Stopes International receives about £30 million a year from Britain’s National Health Service towards its “services.” As if this business was not already horrific enough, it has come to light that MSI has been offering free abortions to its staff for ten years now, saying:  “For your dedication, passion and hard work you will be rewarded with our support and benefits — both financial and non-financial.” Its benefit package for employees, their partners and children also included inexpensive gym membership, reduced rates at theme parks, and an annual health check for £10. With the emergence that abortion is part of what MSI has to offer its staff, anti-abortion anger has flared anew from pro-life groups and individuals alike. Said one Brit responding on the Daily Mail web site:

According to South Korea's Defense Ministry, on August 9, North Korea fired more than 100 rounds of artillery into the Yellow Sea near the disputed sea border with the South.