Putin  and ChavezAs the implosion of Venezuela’s economy accelerates and the capital Caracas remains plagued by power outages, socialist “President” Hugo Chavez and the Russian regime announced myriad new agreements including a multi-billion dollar proposed arms package and increased cooperation in the fields of nuclear energy and oil exploration.

obamacare europeRasmussen Reports show that a whopping 54 percent of Americans are still against the healthcare reform, while 40 percent are in favor of the passage. Opponents are fueled by a variety of reasons, particularly the cost of the plan, but no reason is perhaps as convincing and terrifying as evidence that Obamacare is doomed to fail. The condition of the National Health Service (NHS), England’s health care system, which is similar to that of Obamacare, is indicative of the future of America’s health care, and it is frightening.

A nurse in England is claiming discrimination after hospital policy punishes her for wearing a crucifix to work. Shirley Chaplin, a 54-year old Christian nurse at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust Hospital in England, was moved into an office position after refusing to remove her crucifix. Nurse Chaplin claimed that removing her crucifix would “violate her faith.”

Hillary Clinton at G8As the world’s leading economies gathered this week for a “Group of Eight” summit, government leaders urged the international community to increase pressure on the Iranian regime over its nuclear program. But not everybody is on board.

Using the War on Terror as a pretext, Scotland Yard has advised the owners and administrators of internet cafes and other public web access providers in London to monitor their customers’ surfing habits in order to keep an eye out for any “suspicious behavior.”