Japanese protest over North KoreaITEM: In an article entitled "U.S. says North Korea stuck to nuclear promises," Reuters reported on October 17: "North Korea has kept its promise and reversed steps to restart its nuclear reactor at Yongbyon after an agreement last weekend between Washington and Pyongyang, the State Department said on Friday. 'The North Koreans have in their efforts reversed all their reversals in the reactor. All the seals are back on, the surveillance equipment is back, reinstalled. And the equipment that had been removed is back where it had been,' said State Department spokesman Sean McCormack."

Christians in IraqWith the dismantling of Saddam’s regime, anarchy has reigned in Iraq, and members of religious minorities — especially Christians — have been threatened and persecuted.

Supply Convoy Bound for Afghanistan HijackedA convoy of 13 trucks carrying supplies to U.S. and other Western military units in Afghanistan was hijacked in the famed Khyber Pass on November 10. The trucks were hijacked at four separate locations along a 20-mile stretch of the road through the pass between the mountains separating Afghanistan from Pakistan.

GeorgiaFor many of us, memories of the Cold War and of Russia's predecessor Soviet government may have fostered a natural inclination to sympathize with Georgia during its recent conflict with Russia. But a report published by the New York Times for November 7 offers some additional food for thought. Not that Russia has escaped the grip of the old KGB-controlled nomenklatura; it hasn't. But Georgia has not become pristine either.

overseas reactionReaction from foreign leaders and citizens to the winning of the U.S. presidency by Democrat Barack Obama has been largely favorable, judging from several overseas-based news sources. The BBC quoted French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who said: "At a time when we must face huge challenges together, your election has raised enormous hope in France, in Europe and beyond." Sarkozy continued: "France and Europe ... will find a new energy to work with America to preserve peace and world prosperity."