The French government finally decided on October 24 to close the refugee camp near Calais, which had been nicknamed “the Jungle” because of the chaotic conditions that prevailed there.

The economic chaos in Venezuela turned political on Sunday. When President Nicolas Maduro’s National Electoral Council (CNE), packed with his cronies, declared attempts to call for a national recall referendum on Maduro’s presidency null and void on Friday, opposition leaders called it a “coup.” Sunday's raucous display may be the trigger that replaces one Marxist thug with another in Venezuela.

With suspiciously consistent quarterly GDP numbers coming out of China during lowered global economic activity, it is evident that not all of those who fudge government numbers reside in Washington, D.C.

The dire situation in Venezuela, as it succumbs to years of socialist mismanagement, almost defies description. 

The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) will be meeting behind closed doors next month to push more and higher taxes around the world, sparking outrage from journalists, stakeholders, taxpayers, and more. Under the guise of reducing tobacco consumption and raising money for governments, the controversial global “health” outfit's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) is also concocting broad policy measures having to do with border security, trade, “public health,” and more. And according to experts, some of those policy prescriptions, ironically, contribute to furthering illicit trade and, by extension, end up helping to fund terrorism. Others will fuel increased tobacco use, experts said.

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