This week's parliamentary elections could reshape the future of the entire United Kingdom.

Jihadists beware: You are being used as pawns and useful idiots for a much deeper agenda. The evidence is clear, and the goals are relatively transparent.



As the threat of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack grows, the North American Aerospace Defense Command is moving back into its previous Cheyenne Mountain underground bunker in Colorado Springs.

As the Obama administration makes ready to normalize relations with Castro’s Cuba, a new tell-all book shatters the mythology spun by America’s leftist media to romanticize Fidel’s brutal Communist dictatorship.

Even as a United Nations kangaroo “court” was prosecuting a journalist and seeking to imprison her for seven years, the UN held its annual “World Press Freedom Day.” However, while the festivities were ostensibly aimed at promoting freedom of the press as “essential for the shaping of a new global sustainable development agenda,” more than a few critics were pointing out that the dictator-dominated global organization is actually one of the world’s leading threats to the ideals on freedom enshrined in America’s First Amendment.