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Illegal aliens fearful about President Trump’s executive order barring refugees from countries of concern have been seen crossing the U.S. border into Canada recently.

The Washington Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that a florist who refused to provide flowers to a same-sex couple for their “wedding” violated state laws.

As of November 2016, California has enrolled 12,209,605 individuals in Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) programs.

Daniel Ramirez, an illegal alien apprehended by ICE agents, has filed a lawsuit against the DHS asserting that he “is presently being detained without justification.”

After North Korea fired a ballistic missile 340 miles into the Sea of Japan on February 12, the United States, Japan, and the UN Security Council all voiced objections.

Some sheriffs are uncertain about their right to hold prisoners for deportation, but many cities are ending sanctuary city status, and many illegals fear deportation.

Leftist Mexican politician Andrés Manuel López Obrador has called for his government to sue the Trump administration at the UN because of the planned border wall.

The Senate confirmed the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala) as our nation’s Attorney General on the evening of February 8, by a near-party-line vote of 52 to 47.

The commando raid by U.S. Navy SEALs in Yemen on January 29 reportedly killed 14 al-Qaeda operatives. But at least 15 civilians including an eight-year-old girl were also killed, as was one Navy Seal.

California State Senator Kevin de Léon said that “half his family” may be subject to deportation and that using a fake Social Security card should not mandate deportation.

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