Selwyn Duke

The mainstream media may tell half a story as well as anyone, but reporting a half-truth is worse than saying nothing at all. In fact, it can be deadly.

The Clinton campaign recently announced that the candidate would be presenting a different, more tender, face to the public. It's just another example of how Hillary is like water: She takes the shape of the vessel in which she finds herself.

Increasingly today, the government and cultural institutions are saying to Christians: You can be Christian — or you can be successful. But you can't be both.




Defying political correctness and the "transgender" agenda, some Missouri high-school students recently protested their school's decision to allow a boy to use the girls' locker room.

Few people take moral stands today that could land them in prison, but Kim Davis is an exception. The Rowan, Kentucky, county clerk is still refusing to issue marriage licenses to anyone — homosexual or straight — even though the Supreme Court’s has refused to back up her position.

Reacting to the recent killing of a Texas deputy, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke named high-profile accessories in the murder: Barack Obama and ex-attorney general Eric Holder.


After the Charleston church massacre, a war was launched against the Confederate flag. With a rainbow flag having been found in the WDBJ shooter's apartment, should it also now be banned?

In the wake of the Rachel Dolezal affair, another "black" activist — this time with the Black Lives Matter movement — is being accused of lying about his race.

Will putting women in combat mean lower standards and a price for political correctness paid in blood?

In a move critics called “Orwellian,” a Boston hospital fired a well-respected urologist — merely for citing health concerns relating to homosexuality. And now those critics have taken up the cudgels for the doctor, protesting outside the hospital, which they say cares more about politics than health.

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