Selwyn Duke

In a move critics called “Orwellian,” a Boston hospital fired a well-respected urologist — merely for citing health concerns relating to homosexuality. And now those critics have taken up the cudgels for the doctor, protesting outside the hospital, which they say cares more about politics than health.

If you thought Planned Parenthood couldn’t possibly sink any lower, think again. Because now a video has emerged showing employees talking of cutting organs from babies with beating hearts. 

Multiculturalists are fond of saying, “We’re a nation of immigrants” when the United States is actually, as is any healthy country, a nation of citizens. But if current trends continue, we may end up being a land of immigrants and not really a nation.

Friday, 14 August 2015 17:00

Surrender Like a Boy Scout

There has been much written about the Boy Scouts of America’s recent acceptance of openly homosexual scout masters. The organization has been raked over the coals by the right and accused of offering only a half-measure by the Left. But few appreciate what the BSA has actually done — and the BSA has no idea what it has done to itself.

A county clerk in Kentucky is taking a stand against the unconstitutional Obergefell ruling by refusing to issue any marriage licenses at all. Unfortunately, she's just doing the job American governors won't do.

After the “racial incidents” in Ferguson and Baltimore, left-wing activists demanded that police be equipped with audio and video equipment. Now many have been, and the truth is coming out: Most accusations of racial abuse made against police are bunk.

With robots becoming ever more human-like and poised to become partners in pleasures of the flesh, are increasing calls for robot-human "marriage" just around the corner?

A college professor thought she could gain leverage over the police and advance her racial agenda with a false racial profiling charge. It didn't quite work out that way.

Conventional wisdom says that Donald Trump is a flash in the political pan. Conventional wisdom says he can’t actually win the GOP nomination. But sometimes conventional wisdom is wrong.

Not only is Planned Parenthood selling human body parts like commodities, but a recent video indicates that the abortion provider knows it may be breaking the law.

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