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Justin Bieber is more powerful than any American politician, says music mogul Russell Simmons. According to Simmons, celebrities in general have a lot of clout with the Obama White house — but he says, “Bieber is who makes it pop.”

Is the Constitution "racist," "sexist," and "oppressive"? Most college officials seem to think so and were willing to destroy it in the name of political correctness.

“This is betrayal.... Europe has been betrayed!" warned Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, as he spoke of "treason and conspiracy" among European leaders.

Obama's Department of Education has just decreed that a boy claiming to be a girl must be allowed "unfettered access to girls' facilities." This is despite the fact that "transgenderism" is not a legitimate medical diagnosis.

It was not an idea too big to fail. And it failed big. Voters in Houston, Texas, rejected the controversial and misnamed “Houston Equal Rights Ordinance” (HERO) by a wide margin yesterday.

First some European churches decided to remove their crosses. Now some German primary schools and daycare centers are renaming a traditional Christian festival to avoid “offending” Islamic newcomers.

Deputy Ben Fields has been fired, called names, and demonized after getting physical with a disruptive South Carolina schoolgirl. But now he's being defended by some of the people who know him best: students at the girl's school.



While Islamic terrorists in various parts of the world are burning churches and executing Christians, crosses are being removed from some European churches — in deference to Muslim sensibilities.

Was Deputy Ben Fields abusive when he used physical force on a 16-year-old South Carolina girl? Or is he the victim — of an irrational and politically correct society?

With his recent remarks on the often violent Black Lives Matter movement, critics say that Barack Obama has defended the indefensible.

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