Selwyn Duke

If Hillary Clinton believes that touting Alicia Machado's support reflects well on her, perhaps she ought to ponder the saying, “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Can we know who the Muslim migrants entering the West really are? While the Obama administration and other Western governments say yes, the story of a Canadian poster girl for “refugee” resettlement says no. 

Is the president of the United States perpetrating a fraud? Or is a major law-enforcement agency making an untrue and seriously damaging allegation against a sitting president.? Either way, it's a huge story.

Donald Trump’s claim that he could build a southern-border wall and have Mexico pay for it was certainly good GOP primary rhetoric. But now a former Mexican official says it’s also something the Republican nominee’s critics never suspected: a realistic policy proposal.



Ah, that pesky First Amendment. It limits the power of government, notes the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, “to impede individuals from practicing their religious beliefs.” This and other such laments permeate a recent government report that represents a clear and present danger to religious liberties.

What do you call people who use foreigners to win power? The hirers of mercenaries? In today’s political campaigns (a military term, interestingly), they’re called something else: statist public officials.

Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 collapse has raised many eyebrows and worried many allies, but it has done more than that to an ex-Secret Service agent who used to protect the Clintons — it “scares" him.

Where was the question of where Obama was born, born? That is now the question. And GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has his own answer: “Hillary Clinton, and her campaign of 2008, started the Birther controversy,” he said at a Friday campaign event. “I finished it.”

“Many Muslims” want “a third Islamic attempt to conquer Europe … and they say this is the end of Europe." This statement was not made by anti-jihadism crusader Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller, but by a Catholic cardinal who could be the next pope. 

Given how Senator Tim Kaine just announced that the Catholic Church may soon follow his lead and change its “position” on marriage, it sounds more like he aspires to be pope than a vice president. But while that church status is unavailable to him, he may already have another: the excommunicated.

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