Selwyn Duke

Mainstream media outlets universally refer to Laurel Hubbard, who won his weight class in an Australian women’s weightlifting competition, as a “transgender woman” — meaning a man claiming female status. But at the end of the day, he's a guy who beat the girls.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017 15:30

Trigger-warning Tyrants

How do you combat trigger-warning tyranny? Stop being defensive. The people effecting it are trying to shut you up as they purge Truth from your tongue. They’re using social warfare against you, so strike back; fight fire with fire and put the onus on them.

In the name of stopping Donald Trump, the courts are not only endangering Americans but could be ushering in “the end of the United States in any meaningful sense.” They’re doing this by creating, out of thin air, an “affirmative right to immigrate,” says senior Conservative Review editor Daniel Horowitz.

Trimming the fat in government is great, but you may want to think twice before cutting it out of your diet. For an increasing body of research indicates that a more traditional menu — replete with foods such as butter and whole milk — is more healthful than the lean fare prescribed during the last few decades.



In a move designed to chill free speech, a German “justice” official has proposed fining social-media sites up to $53 million for not swiftly deleting “hateful” posts. Welcome to the new Germany — same as the old Germany. 

“Misogyny! Many Americans just don’t want to vote for a woman!” This was heard after Election Day as one explanation for Hillary Clinton’s upset loss. But a recent experiment indicates that the Democrat presidential nominee would be even less likable as a man — and Donald Trump would be better received as a woman.

There certainly have to be some intermediate steps between birth and your son's “gender-reassignment surgery,” and the United Nations is on the case. It has teamed up with a new company to push dolls for boys so your child can get in touch with his “feminine side.”

Tuesday, 07 March 2017 16:45

Did DOJ Order the Bugging of Trump Tower?

Did the Department of Justice hack the Trump campaign? As the story of possible Obama administration surveillance of the Trump Tower evolves, this has arisen as a distinct possibility.

In a shocking allegation, President Trump has accused Barack Obama of tapping the phones at his Trump Tower just prior to the election. The accusations were leveled in a series of early-morning tweets in which Trump called the ex-president a “bad (or sick) guy,” branded the alleged actions a “new low” and likened them to “Nixon/Watergate.”

In this age where “coming out” as homosexual is cheered and turning straight jeered, Hollywood has long been at the forefront of pushing the pink front. Thus is the recently released film I Am Michael an eyebrow-raising anomaly, portraying the true story of a homosexuality activist who left his former ways, married, and became a Christian minister. 

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