Selwyn Duke

“Many Muslims” want “a third Islamic attempt to conquer Europe … and they say this is the end of Europe." This statement was not made by anti-jihadism crusader Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller, but by a Catholic cardinal who could be the next pope. 

Given how Senator Tim Kaine just announced that the Catholic Church may soon follow his lead and change its “position” on marriage, it sounds more like he aspires to be pope than a vice president. But while that church status is unavailable to him, he may already have another: the excommunicated.

Digital addiction is turning kids into tech junkies, connected to devices and disconnected from people. And this habit can be harder to kick than alcohol or even drugs.

Hillary Clinton's shocking collapse at Sunday’s NYC 9/11 ceremony has finally broken the mainstream-media blackout on discussing her waning health, concerns over which had previously been dismissed as “conservative conspiracy theories.”

“It’s so much easier just to discredit people and call them names,” said Bill Clinton recently. And Hillary has now proved this, calling roughly a quarter of the electorate “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it.”

Is the real issue in the Colin Kaepernick situation that an athlete won’t stand for the National Anthem? Or is it that the nation won’t stand strongly against unpatriotic citizens?

Much as in communist nations during the Cold War, today's leftists are trying to give people of faith a choice: You can either be a Christian — or you can be successful.

We expect our elections to occur at their appointed times. But this won’t happen with one local election after a federal judge suspended it, ruling that its format is unfair to black people. 

Many students on today’s college campuses are trigger-warning happy. And while this may occasionally concern guns, it just as likely may concern racism, sexism, classism, able-bodyism, the Constitution, white men or just about anything else.

It has been said that political correctness kills. Now it might have killed an adolescent British girl, a young lady who, the story goes, might have chosen death over the stigma of being called “racist.” 

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