Selwyn Duke

The Clintons are a “crime family” and Hillary a “pathological liar,” said former assistant FBI director James Kallstrom during an interview Sunday. And it appears his belief is shared by current rank-and-file FBI agents, as a rebellion has apparently been brewing within the bureau.

It’s ironic, when a man who rails against the homosexual agenda may represent its ultimate victory. But Milo Yiannopoulos, the bodacious, bleached-blonde, bohemian, British bad boy of Breitbart, may be just that — as he becomes more and more of a hero to conservatives.

“We learn from history that we do not learn from history,” observed philosopher Georg Hegel. Perhaps nothing illustrates this better than a new survey showing that far too many “millennials” are not just cool to “capitalism,” but are actually cool with communism.

Clinton wins “by a landslide” — in the corruption department. So says columnist, New York Times bestselling author, and admitted Clinton “bagman” Jeff Rovin. And he has 24-years' worth of documentation to back this claim up.

Recent undercover videos exposing Democrat plots to commit vote fraud and incite violence at Donald Trump events have so far cost two Democrat operatives their jobs. Now yet another video features one of those operatives revealing that Hillary Clinton engaged in what has been called “illegal coordinated campaign expenditures.”

It was quite a damning story: “Trump Supporter Cold-Cocks 69-Year-Old Protester Outside Rally.” It was also phony and staged, as the Democrat operative who set the whole thing up reveals on hidden camera. 

Will the 2016 election be stolen? If recent undercover videos providing evidence of possibly rampant Democrat vote fraud are any indication, it's a distinct possibility.

Are elections in the United States being stolen? Establishment Democrats say no, claiming publicly that vote fraud doesn’t exist — but what they say privately may be a different story.

When you treat your son like the sun and orbit around him as if he’s his own little solar system’s center, don’t be surprised when he supernovas at every imagined slight.

Hillary Clinton has complained about a supposed “War on Women,” but many say that she has long waged her own war on women. Leveling this charge most recently is Kathy Shelton, who at 12 years of age was raped by a 41-year-old man — and then, she says, was raped psychologically by Clinton.

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