Selwyn Duke

Why is President Trump’s order to temporarily halt immigration from seven primarily Muslim countries so controversial? A shocking new CBS poll offers insight: Fully two-thirds of Democrats believe Islam breeds no more violence than any other faith. 

Colin Kaepernick’s San Francisco 49ers didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, but this didn’t stop the quarterback’s left-wing spirit from infusing the game’s commercials. In fact, the political messages were intense enough so that some consumers now have a few more companies to add to their boycott list. 

When Starbucks isn’t peddling four-dollar cups of coffee, they’re peddling leftist policy. Now a veteran-owned rival is taking aim at the caffeinated neo-communists with what they say is better java — and better principles.

Saturday, 04 February 2017 19:15

Neil Gorsuch and the Living-document Lie

While leftists are outraged at the idea of banning immigrants who may spit on our Constitution, banning judges who would actually uphold it is a different matter.

Saturday, 04 February 2017 18:00

How to Drain the Judicial Swamp

It’s no surprise the Democrats plan to fight against the nomination of President Trump’s Supreme Court pick, 10th Circuit Court of Appeals judge Neil Gorsuch. There are no confirmation battles like Supreme Court confirmation battles because, as we always hear, such a decision can “shape the country for a generation.” But this doesn’t sound like the role envisioned by the founders.

Friday, 03 February 2017 16:44

Michael Savage Is Wrong on Abortion

What if a family doesn’t “have the money for that second or third child?” asked radio host Michael Savage recently. “Is that not a justifiable situation for an abortion?” 

There was a time when the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) spent money fighting a lawsuit brought by a girl who wanted to be a “boy” scout. The organization won that battle. Now it has lost its mind, deciding to let a girl join its ranks simply because she claims to be a boy.

“He’s a Nazi!” is the cry. It’s now an all-too-common accusation, hurled at anyone threatening leftist power — and Donald Trump is no exception. But to this a Holocaust survivor takes exception, calling this smear of the president “crazy.”

China has long entertained dreams of being the world’s dominant power, but it has at least one notable impediment: Its population is aging at a rapid rate.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017 17:01

Al Gore’s Latest Climate-change Lie

With his lucrative climate-change agenda and predictions under water, former vice president Al Gore is pulling out all the stops to salvage his reputation and earning potential. The latest example is a spun claim that one of his (many) incorrect predictions has actually come to pass.

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