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Divided we stand (temporarily)? This appears the attitude of many Americans, with a recent survey showing that a record number of us consider our country more divided than ever before.

In perhaps another example of the U.S. government bowing to Sharia law, an American contractor in Afghanistan has been expelled by the U.S. military on an “insult to Islam” charge, according to a report. 

Before Hillary Clinton lost the election, the liberal message was that we had to respect the tradition of a “peaceful transfer of power.” Since Nov. 8, however, the Left has pulled out all the stops to scuttle Donald Trump’s presidency. One of the latest examples is how artists who consider performing at the inauguration have been threatened with career destruction.

Friday, 13 January 2017 08:54

Man to Machine: "Human" Rights for Robots?

Will we one day see the hashtag #RobotLivesMatter? While a ridiculous notion, it’s not all that far from what has, quite oxymoronically, been proposed by a European Parliament (EP) committee: human rights for robots.

In New Jersey, a woman is suing a Catholic hospital for adhering to sound medical science and refusing to perform part of her “sex-reassignment surgery.”  

In what one commentator called “the single most despicable act of media bias I have ever encountered,” a CBS radio report on the recent Chicago kidnapping/torture incident left listeners with the impression that the victim was a handicapped black teenager — tortured by four white Trump supporters. 

A prominent Islamic cleric has said that most of his fellow clerics forbid their followers from celebrating New Year’s. But this didn’t stop some Muslims from marking and marring the occasion with acts of mayhem.

With all the focus today on eliminating “hate,” we should ask: Is it at all possible that labeling others “haters” could be motivated by hate?

German Chancellor Merkel's top priority even in the face of bloody terrorism is pushing an open door migration policy, and she's facing harsh criticism and waning poll numbers.

If “academic freedom” isn’t the last refuge of a scoundrel, it certainly is a contender. And while academics generally defend the “principle” in principle, the reality is that “academic freedom” is a lie. Would we tolerate a professor enthusiastically advocating pedophilia, genocide, or slavery? How about Nazi beliefs? Is there anyone who wouldn’t draw lines, somewhere?

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