Bob Adelmann

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 15:50

Venezuela Entering Final Stages

The violence in Venezuela is ramping up as it heads toward erupting into a conflagration.

As expected, Trump's budget for Fiscal Year 2018 is what skeptics expected: Growth plus lower taxes is said to balance the budget by 2027 — though much of it is based on hope and gimmicks.

The announced retirement of Ford’s CEO Mark Fields — his position to be taken by the head of Ford’s autonomous vehicle division — caught many by surprise. It shouldn't have.  By Bob Adelmann

It would be hard to find someone less qualified and more dangerous to fill the slot of FBI director than former senator from Connecticut Joe Lieberman, but Trump interviewed him anyway.

Little is likely to change for Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, who just learned on Friday that his arrest warrant issued by Swedish authorities back in 2010 has been revoked.

The credibility of the mainstream media takes another hit, this time from a surprising source.

Thursday, 18 May 2017 13:18

Trump Didn't Cause Stock Market Decline

According to nearly every major news outlet, Wednesday’s 372-point decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Average was Trump’s fault.

The Courage Foundation released a letter on Monday signed by more than 100 free speech activists (including Noam Chomsky and Edward Snowden) asking President Donald Trump to drop his administration’s investigation into Julian Assange and his organization WikiLeaks.

While the mainstream media is focusing most of its attention on North Korea’s missile tests, it is largely ignoring what some are calling the rogue nation’s real threat: Launching an EMP attack via one of its satellites.

In a joint statement released on Monday, oil ministers from Russia and Saudi Arabia said the present crude oil production reduction agreement reached last November — put in place to raise crude prices — should be extended for another year, even though it is unlikely to work.

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