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Vice President Mike Pence went out of his way Monday to reassure EU leaders that the United States will continue its support of the European Union.

The Heritage Foundation's James Sherk blows up the Robin Hood assumptions of economists who should know better.

The Saudis announced in early 2016 that they would take their state-owned Saudi Aramco oil company public in 2017 or, at the latest, 2018. Now the offering is being delayed into 2019 or perhaps even further into the future.

Steven Camarota's study about the costs of illegal immigration is helpful in many ways, but it doesn't point out present savings to be used to pay for a wall. However, there are other ways to pay for it.

Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Mark Sanford introduced their ObamaCare Replacement Act on Wednesday, which would repeal nearly all of ObamaCare’s most onerous mandates while allowing individuals to purchase, or not to purchase, coverage.

In commenting on the current state of economic decline in our country, the Heritage Foundation is following the First Rule of Holes: If you're in one, stop digging.

President Trump has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to influence American law and jurisprudence.

OPEC’s report on how its members are complying with the production-cut agreement hammered out last fall came out on Monday. As expected, it reported widespread cheating among its members.

Even as localities across the country are changing their tune on being "sanctuaries" for illegal immigrants, the big battles over illegal immigration lie ahead. 

A poll by Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs, taken a month before President Donald Trump issued his temporary suspension on refugees, showed widespread and increasing support among Europeans for his actions.

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