Jack Kenny

Amtrak is still in trouble, but “fast track” is back on the rails.

Likely Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley was back in the key primary state of New Hampshire Wednesday, one day after the Washington Post called Hillary Clinton "missing in action" in the debate that has congressional Democrats united against President Obama over trade policy.

Tuesday’s “clarification” and equivocation failed to lift the “fog of war” surrounding the question of whether Jeb Bush thinks his brother’s invasion of Iraq was a good idea.

Senate Democrats Tuesday threw up a hurdle on the “fast track” that President Obama and Republican “free trade” advocates couldn’t clear.

Jeb Bush made no reference to the onslaught of “gay rights” in his discussion of threats to religious liberty in the commencement address he delivered Saturday at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Jeb Bush said he would have authorized the 2003 invasion of Iraq that his brother, President George W. Bush, ordered. 

A high-ranking communist official who defected to the United States in the 1970s now says the Soviet KGB was behind the tidal wave of “liberation theology."

President Obama picked what appears to be an odd venue for a speech today promoting a pending trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

If President Obama is to succeed in advancing the so-called free trade agenda, he will have to overcome some stiff opposition — from his fellow Democrats.

Contrary to promises and expectations about ObamaCare, Emergency Room visits are increasing, instead of dropping, under the Affordable Care Act, a new survey shows. 

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