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University of Chicago students have outlined a list of expensive and outrageous demands for the college that underscores how little they actually care about inclusion, as the list includes requests for the creation of separate racially themed academic departments and housing units and ultimately marginalizes white students.

Texas lawmakers in the House of Representatives have passed a bill that will require transgender students to use bathrooms that correspond to their biological sex, which differs from the North Carolina law that has sparked so much controversy in that its scope is limited to schools. Previous efforts to pass a measure similar to North Carolina’s law have been stalled in the Texas House, compelling lawmakers to take a different approach.

It goes without saying that most television networks are interested in making money. That is why television shows that do not garner enough viewership are cancelled. Presumably then, if a television show did, in fact, achieve good ratings, it would be considered an asset by the network and renewed season after season. Such was not the case with Tim Allen’s television sitcom Last Man Standing, a show that features a conservative, Christian father with traditional family values who has no qualms about expressing his discontent with the Left. It is for this reason that ABC’s recent cancellation of this popular sitcom is considered to be political and has provoked petitions and boycotts against the network.

Despite efforts by the Trump administration to roll back some of the Obama administration’s draconian climate change rules, the state of Virginia has elected to forge ahead with measures to address greenhouse gas emissions.

The National Institutes of Health has developed a reputation for its controversial use of taxpayer dollars and for allowing contemporary politics to influence its research initiatives. The agency's decision to award a $43,000 grant to research the “health status of gender minorities” in a study conducted by an anti-Trump political activist who believes that gender and biological sex are separate is not likely to quell those criticisms.

An outbreak of measles among a small unvaccinated population in Minnesota could spell trouble for the anti-vax community, as it may prompt yet another push for forced vaccinations.

Berkeley city officials have proven once and for all just how far removed from reality they are by proposing utterly ridiculous ways to respond to the “antifa” — allegedly anti-fascist — protests that have been ravaging the city.

Democrats on the California Health Committee panel of the State Senate voted to advance a measure that would ultimately create a single-payer healthcare system, guaranteeing coverage without any out-of-pocket expenses for California residents, including non-citizens.

The Center for Medical Progress has not been deterred by legal efforts to stop the group's agenda to expose Planned Parenthood and its executives. On April 26, CMP revealed another video, this one featuring the Planned Parenthood executive known as the "Lamborghini lady" after she was captured on camera joking that she was trying to earn enough money to buy a Lamborghini by selling fetal tissue. Tuesday's video is particularly damning as it disproves many of Planned Parenthood's claims defending the legality of its fetal organ harvesting program.

According to an Australian expert on gender, children are being over-diagnosed as transgender as most will either outgrow the phase in which they are experiencing gender confusion or are simply "trying out being transgender" for attention because it's "trendy."

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