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Charging Senate Republican leaders with failure and betrayal, a group of conservative leaders is demanding the resignation or removal of the entire Senate GOP leadership.

A new California law threatens long-term care facility workers with fines and jail time for failing to use a transgender resident's preferred pronoun.

Senate Republicans have given up on ObamaCare replacement this year after their latest attempt couldn't garner enough votes to pass.

Finland's vast welfare state, already teetering because of overspending, is in danger of complete collapse because of the country's low birth rate.

A former VA surgeon says VA hospital administrators are manipulating statistics — in part by denying care to certain patients — to make themselves look good and earn bonuses.

Senator Bernie Sanders, along with 16 other Democrats, introduced legislation Wednesday that would create a national single-payer healthcare system.

The Trump administration is asking Congress to renew a law giving intelligence agencies the authority to collect the communications of millions of Americans without a warrant.

The Senate passed a hurricane-relief bill Thursday that included a short-term debt-ceiling hike negotiated by President Trump and congressional Democrats.

Tuesday, 05 September 2017 15:34

Clock Ticking on Speedy ObamaCare Repeal

The Senate parliamentarian has ruled that Congress has until September 30 to pass an ObamaCare repeal bill under fast-track rules.

The Pentagon confessed to having underreported the number of troops deployed to foreign conflicts for years, saying the real Afghanistan troop count is 11,000, not 8,400.

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