Brian Koenig

The latest controversy to haunt ObamaCare is a requirement that physicians ask intimate questions about patients’ sexual history. 

Citing ObamaCare and immigration reform, the 40,000-strong Longshore and Warehouse Union has ended its affiliation with the AFL-CIO.

In an effort to reignite the gun-control debate, two Democratic lawmakers are proposing massive tax hikes on handguns and ammunition.

In anticipation of President Obama’s healthcare reform law, U.S. businesses are making drastic changes to employee-benefit plans. 

Concerns about ObamaCare continue to grow, as companies shift full-time employees to part-time hours.

The state of Oregon is increasing its rationing of healthcare to Medicaid recipients, as was predicted when the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare, was voted into law.


Thanks to loopholes in Colorado and California laws, lawmakers are avoiding thousands of dollars in parking fines and traffic violation tickets.

Gun-related crimes are becoming less frequent in Virginia even as firearm sales in the state continue to rise. 

According to a Social Security Administration study, recipients of federal disability checks acknowledge that finding a job is not a priority.

Despite surges in revenue and a catalog of new vehicles from the U.S. auto industry, taxpayers are still suffering from the auto bailouts.


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