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The Republican Party of Texas webpage wrongly informed voters that an application for an Article V convention — a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution — will be on the November ballot in Texas, but it won't.

In Hays County, Texas, the fluke discovery of one miscounted vote on a ballot item set events in motion leading to the discovery of other uncounted votes, leaving outraged residents clamoring for a voting paper trail.

Travis County, Texas, is suing State Attorney General Ken Paxton in order to avoid releasing election records sought in a Public Information Request

On August 1, the 50th anniversary of the University of Texas Tower sniper shooting, a memorial was held at the foot of the Tower, remembering victims and honoring law-enforcement officers. Ironically, on the same day, Texas campus carry law went into effect.

Last week, Delaware passed legislation to rescind all its existing applications for an Article V constitutional convention (Con-Con), thereby reducing the total number of states on board for a Balanced Budget Amendment Con-Con to 28. Proponents of a BBA Con-Con are now one state further away from reaching their goal of the 34 states required to force Congress to call such a convention.

A new independent film, Revelation: Dawn of Global Government, premieres April 15 in Houston, Texas. Country Music Hall of Famer Charlie Daniels narrates this troubling documentary about America’s decades-long descent into statism, tyranny, and one-world government.



Spanish company Cintra, building a portion of the Trans-Texas Corridor, filed for bankruptcy last week due to cash shortages.

The border fence between Texas and Mexico has utterly failed to check illegal immigration and drug and human trafficking, or to bolster security, but it has succeeded in forcing at least one Texas business to shut down.

Smithville, Texas, residents successfully pushed back against Smart Meter installation in the community at the last minute.

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Reclaiming Religion in America

Pastor Paul Blair outlines his plan to nullify the Obergefell v. Hodges case, which legalized same-sex “marriage,” and explains why he is fervent in his mission.

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