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The Obama administration’s DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson announced on January 6 that he had determined that U.S. elections need to be protected by the federal government because they are "critical infrastructure."

University of Michigan faculty members J. Alex Halderman and Matt Bernhard, both computer scientists, stated that in their limited recounts, they found no evidence that the election was hacked. But, they emphasized, that was not the same as finding solid affirmation that the election wasn't hacked.

Bev Harris, elections expert and founder of Black Box Voting, believes our elections are vulnerable to wholesale fraud via manipulation of vote totals in the centralized computer databases.

Early voting in Chambers County, Texas, took place using paper ballots while a software problem that resulted in votes for one office not being counted was being resolved.

What started as news articles reporting potential danger to American elections from Russian hackers has quickly morphed into a call for a federal agency to protect our elections from those alleged Russian hackers. But many of the threats cited have nothing to do with the Internet, and giving blanket protective authority to a federal agency would grant broad powers far in excess of what the U.S. Constitution allows.

Opposing demonstrators at the GOP National Convention exchanged angry words in Kirtland Park on Tuesday; however, there were no reports of injuries or arrests.

The premier showing of the movie Hillary’s America — The Secret History of the Democratic Party was held in Cleveland on the eve of the beginning of the Republican National Convention, and it was a mixed bag.

Because Republican bigwigs have changed rules in the past to favor one candidate over another, there is at least a chance they will do it again to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination.

Tuesday, 05 July 2016 17:00

Nigel Farage Resigns as Leader of UKIP

Nigel Farage resigned Monday from his position as Leader of the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party), saying he had never intended to become a career politician, and passage of the Brexit referendum had accomplished his goals.

A federal grand jury in Lexington, Kentucky, has handed down a multi-count indictment alleging fraud in Social Security disability payments involving a retired administrative law judge, an attorney, and a psychologist.



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