Across Europe and beyond, indoctrinated school children have been marching out of their classrooms to protest against “climate change.” A number of high-profile voices have suggested that there is something more at work here: the Kremlin.

Proving again that “the eye altering alters all,” a Pennsylvania high-school girl recently found a boy’s lustful eye fixed upon her in her locker room — then was told her only recourse was to wait outside until he was done changing.

Roswell, New Mexico, recently passed a resolution declaring itself, as pro-life activists are putting it, “a sanctuary for the unborn.”

Google banned an advertisement from YouTube because the ad supported the Christian definition of marriage; i.e., marriage is between one man and one woman.

Undermining Christianity is part of the plan of the Left to build a new world order, according to Michael Horowitz in his new book Dark Agenda.

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