We really didn’t need more proof that Google is no more representative of America than a “progressive” college campus where senseless snowflakes run amok. But just to make sure we know, the Daily Caller Foundation disclosed internal documents that demonstrate just how far to the left the hyper-sensitive nerds and geeks at the company really tilt.

The educational quackery that passes for reading instruction in America's public schools today just suffered another major blow. In a stinging rebuke of the methodology that has handicapped countless millions of Americans for generations, Emily Hanford at NPR hit a home run for the cause of literacy. The question is whether it will make any difference.

National Review has long been considered a flagship publication for conservativsm, but is it really more of a Trojan Horse?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is demanding that his state’s legislature pass a bill that would facilitate abortions at all stages of pregnancy.

Almost a quarter of a billion Christians worldwide face serious persecution, according to a new report issued by the Open Doors organization.

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