The world’s largest and most renowned pro-life event left its footprint on the nation’s capitol once again on Friday. The 45th annual March for Life welcomed tens of thousands from all over the country to peacefully protest and recognize the millions of unborn lives senselessly sacrificed at the altar of abortion. Though an occasion for grave reflection, the event typically evokes an energy and excitement in its participants. This year’s gathering was no exception, especially with the mild temperatures and sunshine. Lively chants, songs and rosaries could be heard as the groups moved along the National Mall with myriad banners, stopping occasionally to make new acquaintances or enjoy live bands on the sideline.

A government high school in Virginia forced children to sit through an assembly promoting gender confusion, genital mutilation in “sex-change” surgeries, and other absurdities.

Lawmakers and academics in the Lone Star State are on edge after the mass-murdering Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was exposed trying to buy influence and shape the narrative at the University of Texas and other American educational institutions.

It’s a simple formula: Take Chinese money — then put Chinese propaganda in the classroom. More than 500 colleges worldwide, more than 100 in the United States, and approximately 400 K–12 schools have already bitten this apple, doing the bidding of the Chinese government.

Duke University’s student government and Women’s Center have collaborated to establish a new think tank called “Think Gender,” whose purpose is to “illuminate the interrelationship of sexism, homophobia, gender bias and violence.”



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