It probably wasn’t inspired by U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono, who not long ago told men to “shut up.” But that’s in a way what a new Financial Times tool will do: warn writers if they’re quoting too many men and force them to purge male voices.

Authorities in Canada's Alberta province are giving Christian schools a choice: Quit being Christian and teaching the truth of God's Word, or be suspended and potentially even shut down.

The feminist Left has settled upon a new narrative to explain its losses: White Republican women are the problem; they are “gender traitors” who just don’t get it.

A New York Episcopal bishop has taken a bold stand against his denomination’s embrace of gay "marriage."

A recent article a professor penned stating that women are less interested in computer science was labeled “gender harassment” and inspired “diversity training” — our day’s version of the re-education camp.

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