Political analyst and and commentator Charles Krauthammer was a mixed-bag for conservatives — though he professed to be conservative in later life — with an interesting life.

Now that it has been 50 years since Martin Luther King was killed, let's admit that he was no pacifist, and that his goal was to stir up violence to get the U.S. government to impose socialism one decree at a time.

Not only was Will a marvelous wordsmith, but he was also a deep thinker and voracious reader, with a prodigious background knowledge of history, philosophy, literature, theology, economics, music, art, and popular culture.

As much as (and perhaps more than) any other single person in the past century, David Rockefeller promoted global corporate socialism (masquerading as capitalism) and world government (disguised as “interdependence” and regional governance).

George Soros, who fancies himself a god and intends to remake the world, is the Lord of Chaos and pursues a world order that is demonic, not divine.

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