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Beck Outlines Post-Fox Plans

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When Glenn Beck announced that he would not be continuing his Fox News program when his contract with the news channel expires in December, his fans were distraught. Since his announcement, however, he has presented his plans following his stay at Fox News, and they are certainly ambitious enough to encourage his fan base.

During Beck’s live stage show in Albany, New York, on Saturday, April 16, he laid out his agenda, described by WIBW as “free of Rupert Murdoch’s encumbrance.”

Before outlining his agenda, Beck told his audience, “We were each born with a purpose, born at this time for a reason. I don’t care what your [situation] is, your job is. You were born here for a purpose and the first thing you’ve got to do is…have no fear.”

The first item on Beck’s agenda is to leave New York City and “join the common people in their revolution for sanity.” Beck told the crowded theater that to “build what needs to be built,” he must leave New York. "I will be leaving New York City. As we build a new media I’m not building it in New York,” he told his Albany audience. “If you want to change the mainstream media, get out of New York.” reports, “He’s sold his Connecticut home and intends to build a new media empire that will ‘deliver news directly to the youth of America.’” Some even speculate that Beck’s upcoming ventures were in the works for over a year as Beck’s Connecticut home has been on the market for that long.

However, sources closest to Beck report that his Mercury Radio Arts and its 50 employees will remain in New York. Where Beck is expected to lay the foundation for his next venture remains to be seen.

Likewise, Beck indicated that he would be developing a first-rate research department, happily emphasizing that he is helping to create jobs in doing so. He declared that he would be seeking out the “idle brains” of former CEOs, CIA agents, and military personnel who share his vision to restore the Republic.

Beck encouraged his audience, comprised of people of all ages, with assurances that he would be particularly interested in reaching the youth of America and was in the process of building a way to deliver news directly to that group. He also asserted that his website,, was “only the beginning of news and information that I will be providing for radio, television, and internet.”

Another plan laid out by the conservative pundit focused on expanding conservatism to comedic circles. “I’m going to make sure that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert do not occupy the space of comedy alone for much longer,” Beck declared.

Business Insider explains, “Which suggests Beck, who hinted on his TV show a few weeks ago that even he was growing tired of his apocalyptic conspiracy theories, may be looking to bring his comedy show to TV.”

His comedic ambitions are similar to those of conservative comedian Stephen Baldwin, who bemoaned the presence of liberal ideology in television comedy such as Family Guy and Glee during his appearance at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

It certainly is not a stretch to believe that Beck is capable of combining humor and conservatism, as that has been his unique style all along. His live performance in Albany showcased that talent. Joking about the speculation over Obama’s birthplace and birth certificate, Beck said, “I don’t know where [Obama is from]. I think he’s from where they don't issue birth certificates — I think he’s from Hell.” Pretending to be Satan instructing Obama, Beck growled, “Put your little hooves on this paper [Obama’s birth certificate].”

Beck’s most ambitious agenda, however, is his declaration to lead the “Global victory of man’s freedom.” Contending that the Marxist movement is not just unfolding in the United States but across the world, Beck announced that he would be working with freedom lovers across the world to lead the victory against the Marxist and progressive forces of evil.

In addition to outlining his own personal agenda, Beck also indicated what he perceives to be the best agenda for America in 2012, namely an Allen West/Michelle Bachmann presidential ticket. When someone from the crowd yelled out Ron Paul’s name, Beck said, “I have plans for Ron Paul — Secretary of Treasury.”

While reasons for Beck’s departure from Fox News have never been confirmed, some speculate that it was brought about by a decrease in ratings over the past year. Likewise, after Beck called President Obama a racist on Fox & Friends, accusing Obama of possessing a “deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture,” Van Jones’ organization began a boycott of Beck’s advertisers.

According to Forbes, that boycott resulted in “more than 400 Fox advertisers saying they didn’t want their commercials on Beck’s show,” costing News Corp $600,000 a week.

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