A study guide given to students in a class at George Washington University claims that only white people can be racist.

Groundbreaking legislation being considered in the Florida legislature would create a formal process allowing parents and taxpayers to challenge the use of inaccurate or biased instructional materials such as textbooks in public schools.

Students at Valley High School in Iowa donned patriotic and U.S.A.-themed gear to attend a basketball game against Des Moines North High School on March 8. North students were offended, so Valley delivered a note of apology.

Officials at the New York State Board of Regents believe it is more important to be politically correct than to ensure that the individuals educating New York’s students have a mastery of the English language. Associated Press reports that the Board of Regents plans to scrap a literacy test for potential teachers because too many non-whites are failing the test. Critics claim the test is making it difficult to achieve diversity within the teaching profession.

A General Social Survey poll finds that today’s college students are far less tolerant of controversial speech than they were four decades ago.

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