“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past,” wrote George Orwell in 1984. Dr. Betsy Nabel of Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital wants to scrub the past of white male faces in medicine.

Conservatives from around the country attended the annual Western Conservative Summit. The event also drew scurrilous and borderline libelous attacks from far-left groups as The Young Turks and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

What do you call the top two finishers in the girls’ 100-meter dash at Connecticut’s recent State Open track and field championships? First and second place? If you’re not the mainstream media, you may call them “boys.”

New York City’s best high schools — the “specialized” ones, as they’re known — may not be the best for long. That is, if Mayor Bill de Blasio has his way, as he wants to dumb down admissions standards to increase “diversity.”

Whether Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan is a student of radical Saul Alinsky or not, he floated a radical idea to impose gun control to see if it might work.

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