Under the guise of “education” and “transparency,” congressional leaders and their cronies are plotting to create a totalitarian-style federal data regime that would ultimately seek to compile federal dossiers containing detailed private information on every American. What remains of privacy and parental rights are both in grave danger.

Recent developments in Canada highlight the extreme danger of allowing government to get involved in the funding of private schools. In short, taxpayer-funded Catholic schools in the Canadian province of Alberta are being threatened with closure. The reason: refusing to promote homosexuality, gender confusion, masturbation, anal sex, and other elements of the mandated “sex education” curriculum. Americans should take note.

Jacqueline Hall, a middle school teacher at Cambridge Central School in upstate New York, used “Genderbread People” to teach her students about sexually ambiguous individuals and transgenderism.

It sounds like a creepy science-fiction movie about a future dystopia, but it is very real and it is happening now. The federal government is funding a new scheme to build a “friendly social robot” that will be deployed at schools to collect data on children's mental health.

A government school in Cambridge, New York, has sparked a firestorm after giving young children documents that included, among other outrages, information on “sex change surgery.”

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