The Department of Education will be investigating claims that the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference’s allowance of transgender students in female’s athletics constitutes unlawful discrimination.

Does 2+2=white privilege? This appears to be the case, according to a college professor who says that mathematics “operates as Whiteness” and needs to be “rehumanized.”

A British university will no longer sell beef on campus because cow flatulence allegedly contributes to a "climate emergency."

After generations of having a corner on the market where the American Dream is concerned, the college-equals-success model is failing, according to a recently published study. Nearly half of young people surveyed say that their degree has little if anything to do with their current job and half of GenZ appears not to be planning for college, choosing other models in pursuit of the American Dream.

Marshall Burns never did try the Elizabeth Warren technique, fabricating minority racial status. Instead, the 73-year-old white physics professor finds himself suing Alabama’s historically black Tuskegee University for racial and age discrimination after years of being underpaid relative to his darker-complected colleagues.

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