With help from the Thomas More Society, a group of Colorado parents calling itself “Pornography Is Not Education” (PINE) is suing a controversial company that provides hardcore pornography and other obscene material to children in government schools across America.

A group of Colorado parents has sued a state library group for allowing the distribution of pornography to school children.

APPLETON, WISCONSIN — Hundreds of members and leaders of The John Birch Society from across America gathered here to celebrate the constitutionalist organization's 60 Year Anniversary of serving on the front lines of the fight for faith, family, and freedom. From strategies for exposing the Deep State swamp and globalist schemes to a keynote speech by Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) on the “Swamp” and talks by other leading liberty-minded lawmakers, the full-day event was packed with valuable information and insight. Liberty is on the march!

Despite pledging to trim or even eliminate the U.S. Department of Education, the GOP-controlled Congress passed and President Trump signed the largest ever budget for the unconstitutional agency.

Georgetown University has issued a statement in support of left-wing, anti-Trump professor Christine Fair after she advocated for the castration and murder of white Republican men on social media.

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