Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Montana School System Wants Sex Education for Kindergarten

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Jeff Laszloffy, president of the Montana Family Council, has expressed outrage at a plan being considered by the Helena Public School System to have sex education begin in kindergarten.

These young children will taught the meaning of terms like nipple, penis, uterus, and scrotum. The next year, first-graders would be taught that homosexual attraction is normal. By the time the students are ten, they would be taught that “sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration.”

A review of the curriculum shows that the Helena Public School System intends to spend a great deal of time and lots of money to instruct our children to hold values that are contrary to what many, probably most, parents believe. The first-grade curriculum includes the following goal: “Understand human beings can love someone of the same gender.” Many religious people believe that is factually and morally wrong. Yet the school system is not offering that statement as a question for discussion and debate in high-school classes, which might make sense. The school system is instructing the normality of homosexuality as fact to first-graders.

Second-graders are taught to “Understand that calling people gay … is disrespectful and hurtful.” Language used to describe homosexuality is consciously controlled by the schools. Third-graders are taught: “The media often presents an unrealistic image of what it means to be male or female.” Children are also taught in that grade that moral values are not universal. The Helena Public School intends to re-educate young children about what being boys or girls means and to deconstruct the moral values these children have learned.

The Helena Public School is engaging in nothing less than thought control. Consider what fourth-graders are required to learn: “Acknowledge that boys and girls have equal talents, characteristics, strengths, and hopes.” In fact, boys and girls consistently and for many decades have shown distinct and different strengths and weaknesses on standardized tests, and the notion that boys and girls are emotionally or psychologically the same is downright silly, old feminist dogma. Brain structure, hormonal differences, physical differences, IQ score results over many decades, and other evidence compellingly demonstrate that the equivalence of the sexes (as opposed to the appropriate legal equality of the sexes) is just myth.

Does any of this belong in public schools? Why should taxpayers in Montana be forced to have their children taught false pictures of life and introduced to behavior that most Montanans would consider immoral and self-destructive? Why, at least, isn't the present value system depicteded fairly? Teachers or other speakers could instruct children about the dangers of homosexuality or the inherent differences in the sexes. Then children would have to think, to study, and to reach their own opinion. The Helena Public School system, however, has very different ideas about what politically correct education should be.

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