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UN Demands More Globalist Propaganda in School Textbooks

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Under the direction of a known Communist Party operative from Bulgaria dogged by corruption charges, the scandal-plagued United Nations “education” agency released a new report demanding broad changes to school textbooks around the world. It is the latest shot across the bow aimed at parental rights, local control of education, and national sovereignty.

The goal of the “Global Education Monitoring Report” by the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is fairly transparent: accelerate the indoctrination of impressionable children worldwide with textbook propaganda promoting “global citizenship,” the discredited man-made global-warming theory, homosexuality, transgenderism, and outright totalitarianism. And according to the report itself, school textbooks are the best way to do that.

“Few instruments shape children’s and young people’s minds more powerfully than the teaching and learning materials used in schools,” begins the report, hitting on something understood by every mass-murdering tyrant from Chinese Communist Chairman Mao and Soviet Communist Joseph Stalin to National Socialist Adolph Hitler. “Textbooks convey not only knowledge but also social values and political identities.”  

The UN report focuses on whether the UN's agenda for global totalitarian rule is being promoted vigorously enough in school books. The report seeks “to measure the extent to which global citizenship education and education for sustainable development, … , are mainstreamed in national education policies, curricula, teacher education and student assessments,” reads the first page of the revealing document. A German library of school textbooks from around the world was used for the study.  

The report, published by UNESCO in December, celebrates the fact that, around the world, more and more captive students are being bombarded with globalist propaganda through textbooks. The document is filled with graphs gleefully highlighting the rapid expansion of textbooks that promote the UN's controversial causes across a range of issues: globalism, pseudo-environmentalism, gender confusion, multiculturalism, and more.

However, the report, also dubbed “Policy Paper 28,” laments that students in some countries are still not receiving a satisfactory dose of UN-backed indoctrination. Education authorities in numerous countries, including the United States, came under fire in the UNESCO document for failing to promptly incorporate the UN's latest demands, as outlined in the Agenda 2030 “Sustainable Development Goals.”     

Despite the “progress” in hijacking control of textbook content, the UN claims much more must be done. “As this policy paper shows, textbooks in many countries still fail to deal comprehensively, clearly and fairly with concepts that are crucial,” the report claims, citing the UN's bizarre version of “human rights” (the opposite of individual God-given rights as understood and protected in America by the Constitution), so-called “gender equality,” environmental activism, “social cohesion,” and more.  

“All governments should urgently review and revise their textbooks to ensure that the content covers these ideas, which are integral to Target 4.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals,” the report continues, with the reference to the illegal pseudo-treaty signed by Obama aiming to “transform our world,” as the UN puts it in the agreement. Perhaps not surprisingly, the mass-murdering dictatorship in Communist China boasted openly of its “crucial role” in creating the dictator-backed Agenda 2030.   

The relevant UN Agenda 2030 goal touted by UNESCO, which this magazine has cited on numerous occasions, focuses on “education” in particular. It calls on the UN and governments to “ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, among others, through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, ... global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity.”

In other words, it not enough to just learn to love the UN's totalitarian ideology of “sustainable development”; children must be so thoroughly indoctrinated that they actually promote it. UN Agenda 2030 is very clear in its plan to exploit and weaponize young children, too, turning them into what the UN document refers to as “critical agents of change.” The Agenda 2030 also says children “will find in the new Goals a platform to channel their infinite capacities for activism into the creation of a better world.”

And throughout the new UNESCO report, the goal of exploiting and indoctrinating children to demand global tyranny is crystal clear. On environmentalism, for example, the UN's agenda for turning kids into globalist activists is transparent. “As well as ensuring that environmental problems are seen as global issues, it is critical for textbooks to develop students’ sense of agency,” the UNESCO report declares.

In other words, impressionable young children must be taught to believe that the UN must solve real and imagined “environmental problems” because they are “global issues.” And the students must be turned into activists demanding UN control over environmental issues, the report argues. Throughout the report, textbooks that teach children how to become pro-UN activists receive favorable coverage while those that do not encourage activism by the children are chastised for not doing enough.   

In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, UNESCO complains that “textbooks are primarily a medium for teaching children scientific facts and make little to no effort to contextualize environmental education.” Stated another way, schools books must not simply teach facts, but must be weaponized and politicized to advance the UN's agenda.

Global citizenship education is also a frequent topic in the report and all throughout the UN's global indoctrination efforts masquerading as education. Fortunately for readers, the UNESCO report even describes the real agenda. “Global citizenship education aims to inculcate students with a notion of belonging not just to their own country but to broader trans-national and global entities,” the document explains.

Do you “belong” to “trans-national and global entities”? Your children might think they do — at least if UNESCO gets its way. And indeed, Obama's Education Secretary Arne Duncan boasted that UNESCO was his “global partner” in creating “green” global citizens thoroughly indoctrinated in the UN's dangerous “sustainable development” ideology. Quoting a proud communist terrorist, Duncan spoke of “education” as a “weapon” to “change the world.”    

Also coming under fire are school textbooks that show women and mothers in “traditional roles,” including the performance of “housework.” In some Turkish textbooks, UNESCO complains, “traditional roles among the females in the house (mother, daughter) are portrayed in the context of cooperation.” “Moreover, women are rarely depicted as working women,” the report complains. In other words, in the UN's view, women are for working and paying taxes, not for being mothers, and to suggest otherwise is to run afoul of the UN's anti-family, pro-abortion “gender equality” demands.  

The report also complains that many textbooks around the world do not sufficiently promote homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgenderism, and more. “While textbooks call for tolerance of diversity, sexual diversity is repeatedly excluded,” the report complains. Unsurprisingly, the Swedish government is praised by the radical UN agency for promoting homosexuality and homosexual parenting in school textbooks.

Other UNESCO “education” documents also call for the sexualization of children. The “International Guidelines for Sexuality Education” released in 2009, for instance, call for teaching children starting at age five that masturbation is “pleasurable.” By age nine, children begin lessons on “aphrodisiacs,” “homophobia,” “transphobia,” the alleged safety and desirability of legal abortion, and various perversions. By age 15, the children learn how to “promote the right to and access to safe abortion.” Agents of change, indeed.

Some textbooks used in American schools come under fire in the new UNESCO report just for providing factual information — in this case, true facts about alleged man-made climate change that challenges the UN's discredited narrative. “The textbooks not only cast doubt on the causes of climate change but also emphasize its positive effects and describing [sic] its negative effects as uncertain,” fume the UNESCO authors, highlighting a textbook that points out the well-known fact that not all scientists agree with the UN's failed theory.

It also acts as if warming leading to increasing agricultural yields were a taboo subject that cannot be uttered in the presence of children, even while explicit sexual material is supposed to be not only appropriate but mandatory for children under five years old. “None of the textbooks analysed contained a call to action explicitly linking student behaviour or need to take mitigating actions,” the report added about some American textbooks that fail to call on students to become climate-justice warriors.  

Ironically, despite the lip service given to non-violence, the UN's record in this area is sordid beyond belief. UN “peace” troops, for example, have rightly developed a reputation around the world as vicious predators, with UN forces implicated in systematic rape and sexual exploitation of children in virtually every country ever occupied by the UN. Killings of unarmed protesters and civilians by UN forces also occur regularly, going back generations.  

Schools run by the UN, meanwhile, were exposed yet again last year training Arab children to wage constant “holy war” against their Jewish neighbors. By contrast, the UNESCO report criticizes some Western textbooks for highlighting Islamic military history, arguing that the facts might lead people to associate Islam with violence.   

As The New American has highlighted on multiple occasions, textbooks are just one facet of the problem. The UN actually has a transparent agenda to re-shape the ethics, values, beliefs, attitudes, and even the spirituality of children — according to the UN's own top leaders. “We have the collective duty to empower every child and youth with the right foundations — knowledge, values and skills — to shape the future as responsible global citizens,” declared UNESCO boss Irina Bokova, a longtime senior operative with the mass-murdering Bulgarian Communist Party.

Just last week, a UN group of self-styled “human rights experts” slammed a local school district in Connecticut and demanded that it choose new textbooks. And this is just the beginning, as the UN becomes increasingly bold and vicious in attacking U.S. independence, liberties, and self-government.  

The latest UNESCO report on textbooks concludes with the recommendation that textbooks around the world be revised as soon as national governments' curricula are updated to meet the UN's demands for the UN “sustainable development agenda.” “Guidelines explicitly related to environmental issues, peace and global citizenship, sustainable development, human rights and gender equality need to be integrated within textbook review processes,” the document demands.  

The report never does explain why the tiny group of fringe globalists and communists running UNESCO and other radical UN bureaucracies should have any say at all in school standards and textbooks used by American children. Yet, the real agenda is clear: As every dictator of the 20th century has understood, to be sustainable, tyranny must be inculcated in the minds of the youth from an early age.

As of right now, U.S. law prohibits any American taxpayer funding for UNESCO. And the UN more broadly is skating on thin ice amid ongoing attacks on American freedoms and self-government. But that is not nearly enough. The U.S. government should totally withdraw from UNESCO, along with exiting and defunding the entire dictators club that is the UN. The minds of the youth, and therefore the future of freedom and self-government, literally depend on stopping the rogue global organization from achieving its goals.


Alex Newman is co-author of Crimes of the Educators, and a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, education, politics, and more. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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