Monday, 07 August 2017

Planned Parenthood: Assume Your Child May Be LGBT

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From FreedomProject Media:

Tax-funded abortion and lobbying behemoth Planned Parenthood, which butchers hundreds of thousands of unborn children each year, has a message for parents: Assume your child may grow up to be homosexual and confused about their gender, or risk damaging them. Seriously.

As part of the grotesque “guidelines” for how to talk to preschool-aged children, readers are informed that the old-fashioned idea that anatomy determines whether a person is male or female is actually wrong.

“While the most simple answer is that girls have vulvas and boys have penises/testicles, that answer isn’t true for every boy and girl,” Planned Parenthood argues. “Boy, girl, man, and woman are words that describe gender identity, and some people with the gender identities ‘boy’ or ‘man’ have vulvas, and some with the gender identity ‘girl’ or ‘woman’ have penises/testicles. Your genitals don’t make you a boy or a girl.”

In case that was not enough, the abortion giant goes on to clarify. “You can say that most girls have vulvas and most boys have penises/testicles,” the guidelines say, urging parents to tell children that “it doesn’t matter too much what parts someone has.”

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