Monday, 13 November 2017

Catholic Schools Threatened to Push LGBT Agenda

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From FreedomProject Media:

Recent developments in Canada highlight the extreme danger of allowing government to get involved in the funding of private schools. In short, taxpayer-funded Catholic schools in the Canadian province of Alberta are being threatened with closure. The reason: refusing to promote homosexuality, gender confusion, masturbation, anal sex, and other elements of the mandated “sex education” curriculum. Americans should take note.

Already, Catholic schools in Alberta are forced to teach the government curriculum, much of which would horrify American parents and especially Christians. Catholic leaders justify their schools' collusion with the state by claiming they teach the government's dumbed-down, immoral curriculum “through a Catholic lens.” But now, even that is not enough to satisfy the government.

Basically, Catholic leaders said it would be “problematic” to push the LGBT agenda on children in church schools. The Catholic superintendents’ association noted that Catholic schools would be “unable to teach any outcome requiring promotion of homosexual relationships.” They also said their schools could not “promote modern gender theory or anything that is ideologically opposed to Catholic teaching.”

In response, anti-Christian authorities exploded. Late last month, provincial authorities in Alberta decided it was simply “unacceptable” that Catholic schools there sought to modify the government's “sex education” curriculum to conform with Catholic and biblical teaching. They said there would be no negotiating, and that the LGBT agenda, anal sex, and all the rest would be taught in all schools, including Catholic schools.

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