Monday, 27 November 2017

A Third of Baltimore Schools Have NO Students Proficient in Math

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From FreedomProject Media:

Despite some of the highest spending per pupil in America, more than a dozen government high schools in Baltimore, Maryland, have failed to produce even one single student proficient in mathematics this year. Not that any of the students would know it, but that number represents a third of the 39 government high-schools in the city.

The other schools in Baltimore are not doing much better, according to Project Baltimore, the group that first published the findings. Another six, for instance, had just one percent of students scoring “proficient” on the already dumbed-down math tests. Out of those 19 government schools, more than 3,800 took the federally mandated state test — and just 14 students scored proficient.

This is not the first time the city's government schools have been exposed as beyond a disaster. Indeed, as The Newman Report documented earlier this year, a half-dozen Baltimore schools could not produce a single student proficient in reading or math.

Incredibly, even at the government-funded charter school being touted as a model of “progress,” less than 15 percent of students were proficient in math. Apparently, in Baltimore's disastrous government “education” world, going from 9 percent proficiency to 14.4 percent proficiency means something is “working.”

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