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Shocking Students Into Social Justice

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Students at San Diego State University were recently given the opportunity to go through a series of “disturbing sensory experiences” designed to drive out their ingrained prejudice and reinforce politically correct behavior. The workshop, entitled Journey to a Shared Humanity, consists of several vignettes designed to shame students into accepting liberal orthodoxy.

Organizers of the event describe it as a way to get students to “step outside their comfort zone and into the shoes of those who are struggling with oppressive circumstances.” In a scene reminiscent of Orwell’s two minutes of hate, attendees are ushered through a large, darkened room to witness a series of cringe-worthy social justice skits that are meant to show the students what oppressed people go through every day.

In one scene, a man screams at the students, “Let’s go! Face the wall! Don’t look at me!” The man goes on to say, “First they came for the Native Americans, but I’m not a Native American, so I did not speak up. Then they came for the Jews, but I’m not a Jew so I did not speak up. Then they came for the gays, but I am not gay so I did not speak up. Next, they came for the crippled, but I am not crippled so I did not speak up. Turn around! What do you see? What do you see?” At that point, a single light remains and the students are taught the rather obvious lesson that they need to speak up when they see examples of injustice.

Another skit skewers American immigration policy by portraying ICE agents as authoritarian jack-booted thugs who love nothing more than breaking up peaceful Hispanic families. The mother in the skit is speaking to her daughter by phone while ICE agents pound on the door, screaming, “ICE, open up!” The mother tearfully tells her daughter, “Don’t let them teach you to be scared of others that don’t look or sound like you.” The daughter then turns to the audience to preach, “How would you feel if one of your family members was getting taken away from you? Well, it’s happening today.  It’s happening to me.”

The skit did not address what the mother’s immigration status was. Was she an alien? An immigrant? An undocumented individual? A refugee? Or, as the vignette suggests, was she merely a brown person being harassed for no reason whatsoever?

Another example of the indoctrination includes a loudspeaker blaring the phrase, “Jews will not replace us!” over and over again, while a screen shows a then and now scene of Nazi Germany next to the Charlottesville protesters in August. Yet another example shows a young woman lamenting about her Middle Eastern roommate, “She’s a little too foreign.”

One oppressed group not represented was conservatives on college campuses. Think of the great skit that would have been. A white male wearing a red Make America Great Again hat is standing alone, minding his own business when masked ANTIFA members beat him with clubs. Perhaps that would have been a little too real for the organizers of the event.

Examples of the actual skits can be seen here.

After the performances, which take about 20 minutes, the group is led into a room where they are debriefed on the experience by campus leaders and professors. The group is grilled about how the skits made them feel and then are told to fight against oppression. One student has reported that during one such meeting, a professor leading the discussion called President Trump a racist.

Started in 1999 by the San Diego State Residence Hall students and staff, Journey to a Shared Humanity is an annual event put on by the school each November. San Diego State’s website describes the event as an “immersive live theatrical experience presenting a collective of raw and emotional performances mirroring the human experience.”

For the most part, Journey to a Shared Humanity is a voluntary activity. However, some students have been required to attend as part of their classes. San Diego State is a public university, which means that tax payer money is being used to promote this mind control.

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