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California Sued After Failing To Teach Children How To Read

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From FreedomProject Media:

Children at government schools in California may be able to tell you all the latest dogma on gender theory or “climate change,” but official numbers show most of them cannot read or do math at even a basic level. Now, a coalition of attorneys representing victims of public “education” has filed a lawsuit against the state for failing to provide adequate literacy instruction.

As The Newman Report revealed this summer, the state government's own numbers show that more than half of California children in government school do not meet even the dumbed-down Common Core literacy standards. Among black boys, less than one in four do. Among Hispanic children, it's less than one in three. The math scores are a disaster, too.

A group of prominent California attorneys is now seeking to change that through the legal system. In essence, a spokesperson for the effort said they are arguing that the state, which is obligated under California's Constitution to offer a tax-funded education, is not upholding its legal obligations. Under the law, they must provide at least basic literacy, the attorneys say.

“California is dragging down the nation,” attorney Mark Rosenbaum with the nonprofit Public Counsel, which filed the suit, was quoted as saying in media reports. “We’re about seeking a quantum of education, so that all children learn how to read.”

Apparently California has almost half of the nation's worst-performing school districts in literacy and basic education. And that is quite a feat. Indeed, in places like Washington, D.C., a State Education Agency report shows more than two-thirds of adults — virtually all of them victims of dumbed-down government “education” as children — are functionally illiterate.

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