Monday, 19 February 2018

Push to End “Gun-Free” Zones Following Florida Shooting

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From FreedomProject Academy:

Virtually every mass shooting in recent memory had one key feature in common: It happened in a so-called "gun-free" zone created by politicians. But after the massacre last week at the school in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead, the push is on to ensure that children will no longer be sitting ducks for murderers. 

Already, legislation at the state and federal level has been introduced to repeal the so-called "gun-free zones" that have made schools the target of so many killers. In Florida, lawmakers are taking up a bill this week that would designate certain teachers to arm and train in the use of firearms to protect their students. 

"I don't feel gun-free zones protect anyone but criminals, and there is no evidence that says otherwise," explained State Senator Greg Steube, a Republican who is pushing the legislation. In Texas, Colorado, and other states, some schools and districts are already arming teachers

In Congress, meanwhile, there is a fresh push to pass legislation that would repeal the 1990 "Gun-Free School Zones Act" that has been blamed by activists for contributing to the massacres of children. The bill, dubbed the "Safe Students Act," or H.R. 34, would ensure that the feds are no longer complicit in making schools perfect targets for madmen.

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