Wednesday, 11 July 2018

New Mexico Threatens Homeschoolers Who Won't Jump Through Hoops

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From FreedomProject Media:

State education bureaucrats in New Mexico are under fire nationwide after demanding that homeschool families sign “illegal” declarations agreeing that their “permission” to educate their own children could be revoked if they fail to follow bureaucratic decrees. Home-education groups and lawyers are urging families to ignore the demands.

The lawless demands came from the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED), as the state's government-education overlords are known, in a document referred to as “Statements of Understanding of Home School Parent/Family.” In the form, homeschool parents are told that their children must do the same amount of hours as children in government schools, among other controversial elements.

If parents do not jump through all the hoops as commanded, “the department may order that a student attend a public school or a private school,” reads the document. It goes on to threaten again that authorities may force parents to submit their children to state indoctrination if they do not comply with all the government's requirements.

But it is not clear that the declaration is legal. And home-education groups are urging parents to refuse to sign it.

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