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Kansas City School District Forces Boys and Girls to Use Same Bathrooms

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They call it the Show-me State. But what will be shown, and to whom, is a good question now that a Kansas City school district is going to force boys and girls to use the same bathrooms. As the Kansas City Star reported:

No more separate restrooms for boys and girls, with rows of feet-showing stalls. The North Kansas City school district is going fully gender neutral at two new elementary schools, opening on Wednesday [August 15], as well as in a few renovated restrooms in North Kansas City High School and the sixth-grade centers.

The bathrooms still have an open alcove area with a common trough sink, but the toilets are enclosed inside individual stalls with floor-to-ceiling walls and lockable doors.

A single sign on the wall outside displays both the male and female symbols.

My, “male and female symbols.” That’s not just old-fashioned but downright antediluvian. Haven’t we been told that not just words but people have “gender” (as the term has been co-opted) and that gender is a spectrum, that it even can be fluid?

What certainly is fluid is sexual-devolutionary ideology; this is why its advocates have now disgorged scores of “genders” (list here — subject to change without notice), a category metastasizing like the national debt.

This free-association “gender” creation — where statuses are made up as if wishes were horses — hints at the truth: There simply is no good science behind the “transgender” agenda. I’ve explained this in-depth here, here, here, and here, but the short version is that the “transgender” diagnosis is made based solely on feelings, much like telling a man you’ll cut open his chest and perform a bypass because he “feels” as if he has heart disease.

The t-word above is in quotation marks because, since we don’t have “gender,” we can’t be transgender. People are of one of two sexes. And neither is there such thing as being “transsexual” because, as Australian Alan Finch (a man who once claimed that status) put it, “You fundamentally can’t change sex.... Transsexualism was invented by psychiatrists.”

Nevertheless, pandering to a minuscule percentage of the population claiming this invented status, we’re completely rearranging society — and inviting other problems.

Just consider the “individual stalls with floor-to-ceiling walls and lockable doors.” As a man identifying himself as a retired teacher noted in the Kansas City Star comments section, “You never allow students into an area where they can completely lock authorities from access. The locked rooms will become places where kids can smoke and have sex without the interference of authorities.” He also points out that drugs can simply be flushed down the toilet, making proof of their use impossible.

Moreover, what happens the first time a girl is impregnated inside one of these “private” stalls? Are lawsuits on the horizon?

A more minor point is that, uh, let’s say, little boys don’t have very good aim and can’t be relied upon to pull the seat up. Put them in bathrooms with no urinals and, well, I see a lot of upset little girls with burdensome clean-up jobs in Kansas City’s future. (This could result in a movement to force lads to tend to their nature call sitting down, as has already occurred in Germany, Sweden, and Australia.)

The Kansas City Star reports on all the “positive feedback” the school district has received about the bathroom plan and only presented statements from its advocates. An example is district parent Melanie Austin, who the paper reports as saying, “I think it is great.…You just don’t know what gender a kid might identify as. This helps everyone to feel comfortable, accepted.” (Except, of course, those appalled by the whole idea.)

This one-sidedness is interesting given that the paper’s comments section is replete with critics. This includes a man whose response not only speaks to Austin’s statement but is cleverly humorous. He writes:

I applaud this decision.… We are evolving as a species and people’s views have to evolve as well. I am going back to college to finish my degree in the fall. For many years I have just had this nagging feeling that I was not a man. I was something else in a man’s skin. After many years of therapy and after consulting with my wife we have determined that I identify myself as a bird, a parrot to be exact because I can still talk. I retained a lawyer and demanded that the facilities at my school be changed to make me feel comfortable and included. I will now have access to a new bird bath (one that a 6’-2” man can fit in comfortably). Fresh newspaper will be readily available in the unisex bathrooms for me as well as feed for me at the cafeteria. I visited the campus last week as the new me. I happened to be pecking around the parking lot and relieved myself on a young man's car windshield. He became irate and threw a water bottle at me. I was struck on my left wing, which up until a few weeks ago was my left arm. The physical pain was nothing compared to the mental pain I am going through.… I was going to sue the school but they stated I would have round the clock protection and my own perch in every location I have a class or that I use for recreation. I just want to be viewed as normal.

This gets at a truth. “Transgender” people are diagnosed with “gender dysphoria,” the sense that you’re the member of one sex stuck in the body of the other. Yet psychologists also define “species dysphoria,” the sense that one is an animal trapped in a human body. And, yes, there are individuals thus deluded, such as Texan Sarah Rodriguez, a.k.a. Wolfie Blackheart, who insisted she was a canine; and a Norwegian woman going by the name “Nano” who claimed to be a cat (video below).

In fact, there’s a whole subculture of people who identify as partially or entirely nonhuman (video below — warning: some bad language).

One more thing: There’s as much proof species dysphoria has a biological basis (as opposed to being merely a psychological phenomenon) as there is that gender dysphoria does. Both diagnoses are based on nothing but feelings.

As for the bathroom madness, the worst thing about it isn’t the opportunity for general mischief and sexual abuse (the latter has already occurred in a mixed-sex school bathroom.) It’s that it’s part of a social-engineering effort designed to twist children’s perception of reality and convince them that “transgenderism” is normal, as we raise generations that believe down is up, left is right, and bad is good. Or that freedom is slavery, war is peace, and ignorance is strength.


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