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Freedom Fighters Celebrate John Birch Society's 60th Birthday

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APPLETON, WISCONSIN — Hundreds of members and leaders of The John Birch Society from across America gathered here to celebrate the constitutionalist organization's 60 Year Anniversary of serving on the front lines of the fight for faith, family, and freedom. From strategies for exposing the Deep State and globalist schemes to a keynote speech by Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) on the “Swamp” and talks by other leading liberty-minded lawmakers, the October 6 full-day event was packed with valuable information and insight. Liberty is on the march!

One of the most popular and unusual talks was given by Polish Pastor Pawel Chojecki, founder of the evangelical New Covenant Church in Lublin and of a fast-growing TV show that is waking up Poles worldwide. His first speech, “Poland Longs to be Free,” explained the Polish dream of being free, and that role that Christianity plays in that struggle. He also gave a fascinating history of Poland, including the Polish army's heroic role in saving Europe from Islamic conquest at the Gates of Vienna, the Poles' help to Britain in World War I, and its immense role helping the allies in World War II. One of the Polish heroes he honored was Sergeant Jozef Fanzcak, code name Lalek, the last Polish anti-communist fighter, who was finally killed in 1963.

“Why did such a brave nation lose its independence?” Chojecki asked the crowd. “There are three reasons. First, the loss of God's blessing. Poland was the first country in the world to adopt republican ideals. It was a kingdom, but its kings did not wield absolute power. They swore an oath to respect the rights of citizens, and citizens had the right to disobey the kings if they did not respect the rights of the people.” Poland was the first nation in the world to guarantee religious liberty, he added. “But the Poles turned away from God, and God withdrew his blessing,” said the pastor, who is working to bring his countrymen back to God.

The second reason was the “poor civic awareness” of the Polish people. He proceeded to provide a short civics lesson for the audience. After losing its independence at the end of the 18th century, he said, Poles tried unsuccessfully to regain independence. Then, when the massive Bolshevik armies began marching West to conquer the world, the Poles stood up and stood in their way, he said. “The Russian communists were defeated and chased away,” the pastor noted. He gave a famous quote, too: “Germans are killing our bodies, but the Soviets are killing our souls.”

The third reason why Poles have suffered so much, he said, is the shortage of patriotic, God-fearing leaders. “We are short of good leaders today,” he added. Former President Lech Walesa epitomizes the treason of the elites, he said, noting that Walesa was communist police informant (code name Bolek) working for the Russian communist regime who betrayed his nation. “This agreement [with Walesa] enabled communists to keep their grip on the economy, mass media, etc,” he said, adding that there were communist agents among the Catholic hierarchy, the media, and the all over the judiciary. Chojecki blasted the failure to purge communists from positions of power. “Free Poles will never accept this,” he said.  

Still today, too many Poles are indoctrinated with socialism and statism, the pastor said. The ruling party, despite its reputation for “conservatism,” is introducing more and more left-wing policies at the behest of the European Union. “Unless the Poles realize that it is God and not the state that gives them freedom, their minds will remain captive,” he said, praising America and its system of government designed to protect the God-given rights of all Americans.  

Chojecki also thanked The John Birch Society and its CEO, Art Thompson, for helping to get 99,008 signatures on a petition seeking a new investigation of the apparent murder by plane crash in Russia of Poland's entire political leadership. More than a few people remembered and honored JBS Chairman Larry McDonald, a sitting congressman from Georgia and a top leader in the global freedom fight who was shot out of the sky by Soviet fighter jets while onboard a commercial airline flight to South Korea.

Another speaker was former detective Jim Fitzgerald, who now leads the Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation, which provides body armor to police and scholarships for the children of fallen heroes. He spoke about the anti-police agenda being pursued by the establishment, and how that is manifested as riots and hatred against law enforcement by paid agitators and useful idiots. He also highlighted the Deep State effort to nationalize American police forces into a national law-enforcement machine controlled from Washington, D.C. The reason for the schemes: Imposing nationwide tyranny on Americans is practically impossible as long as each community retains control over its local police forces. Fitzgerald touted the Law Enforcement Intelligence Brief, a free tool provided by the foundation to law enforcement leaders nationwide, including every police chief and sheriff in America.   

The New American magazine's senior editor, William F. Jasper, gave an overview of his more than four-decade career as an investigative journalist. He gave many of the highlights, spoke about the friendships he developed, the scoops he broke, and his fond memories of anti-communist South African Mayor Tomsanqa Linda, who fought against Nelson Mandela's African National Congress and the South African Communist Party Mandela helped to lead. And of course, Jasper gave insight into his ground-breaking investigative reporting on the Oklahoma City Bombing, which was unparalleled and gained international recognition.   

Jasper explained how, while working with Congressman McDonald, who led the Birch Society before being shot out of the sky, he helped the Western Goals Foundation put together a national security database on subversive organizations and individuals. When appropriate, Jasper shared the information he was gathering with local and federal authorities, including the FBI and the Los Angeles Police Department. This relationship developed so that the he was the only journalist in the world allowed to attend the security conference of top police and intelligence agencies for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. A documentary by Western Goals for which Jasper served as the primary researcher was even aired on CNN. “But that was before CNN stood for Communists and Nattering Nabobs,” he said, drawing laughter from the crowd.

“Thanks to all of you, this humble scribbler has been privileged to participate up close, to investigate, and record some of the most momentous events of our lifetimes,” Jasper told the assembled JBS leaders and members. “I’ve been able to meet and interview some of the great statesmen, scientists, philosophers, economists, military leaders, Medal of Honor recipients — and even movie stars — as well as perfidious villains, including spies, terrorists and dictators.” In his presentation, Jasper gave a brief round-up of some of The New American's most important reporting, including the exposure of so many globalist and UN schemes that were stopped largely thanks to the effective efforts of the Society and its allies.

Flanked by the National Council, JBS CEO Art Thompson gave the final speech of the night. Among other topics, he spoke about the key role played by the John Birch Society in preserving freedom by educating America. Thompson also explained the instrumental work of the Society in holding back the globalist Insiders and their well-documented agenda for an anti-God “New World Order” controlled by themselves. He even gave concrete examples of where top globalists, including the chief architect of the North American Union scheme for the global government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations, have admitted the key role of the society in stopping their plans.  

Estimating that the chances of success were now at 50-50, Thompson said the Deep State was running scared as Americans and people around the world increasingly wake up and realize what is going on. Indeed, recent polls show three out of four Americans are concerned about the Deep State, and that virtually nobody believes the establishment's propaganda media anymore. There is still plenty to be concerned about, but a lot of good is happening too.   

This writer gave a speech on President Donald Trump and the New World Disorder. After highlighting some of the globalists and Deep State operatives within the administration, the presentation focused on Trump's ongoing efforts to undermine globalism, as well as some concerns such as the administration's globalist U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement that erodes American sovereignty. Still, Trump's work exposing the Deep State globalists and their agenda has awakened many millions of Americans.   

As usual, at least since a massive demonization campaign in the 1960s failed to stop the Society, most of the media ignored the historic JBS celebration. The local paper did run an article, though, which mentioned some of the highlights, and surprisingly omitted some of the smears so often parroted by ignorant or dishonest “journalists.” More about the speeches of the lawmakers who spoke there, including Representative Massie, Representative Matt Shea, and Representative Dorothy Moon can be found here. Videos of the speeches and much more will be available in the coming days, weeks, and months for those who were unable to attend in person. Stay tuned.


Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, education, politics, and more. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook.

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