Tuesday, 27 November 2018

UPDATE: School Seeks to DESTROY Male Teacher For Not Watching Girl Shower

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From FreedomProject Media:

After sparking a national outcry, the government school in Florida that was persecuting a male middle-school teacher for refusing to watch a young girl shower naked is doubling down. First, as reported in The Newman Report last month, Pasco County Public Schools threatened to re-assign the teacher to another school in retaliation for refusing to watch the minor girl in the shower. Now, school officials have been exposed threatening to fire him and destroy his career.

The scandal began when a girl pretending to be a boy, known as a so-called “transgender” to the gender theorists, demanded to be allowed to use the boys' locker room and showers. The male physical-education teacher at Chasco Middle School in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, was not willing to watch the young girl naked in the shower. And so, he objected and refused. School officials, who had adopted a “gender support plan” to encourage the madness, freaked out and plotted to ruin his career.

An exchange of e-mails among education bureaucrats released by the Christian public interest law firm Liberty Counsel shows, among other scandals, that officials wanted to make an example of the teacher. Office for Employee Relations Director Kathleen Anne Scalise, for instance, said in an e-mail that firing the PE teacher “sends a message that we will not tolerate his behavior,” according to a report in WND.

The school district's lawyer, meanwhile, was quoted threatening the teacher that his decision not to watch an underage girl naked “might cost you your job.” Even more serious, “your teacher certificate might be taken from you, to where you can no longer teach,” the officials said. In other words, these crazed school bureaucrats are conspiring to destroy a man's life and livelihood for doing the right thing.

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