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College Craziness: A Quorum for the “Whiteness” Forum? Yes, Sadly

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When radical Susan Sontag said in 1967 that the “white race is the cancer of human history,” it was a fringe view. Now it’s mainstream, with the latest example being a university “whiteness forum” claiming that that the VeggieTales cartoon and NFL are “racist” and that white female Trump supporters advance white supremacy.

Though such events are now nothing new, this example of intellectual detritus was disgorged at Cal State San Marcos last Thursday. As the College Fix reported, “The two-hour event took place in a large multipurpose room, with more than a dozen poster board projects lined up in a circle around the room for viewers to review.”

“The forum is a result of Professor Dreama Moon’s Communications 454 class titled ‘The Communication of Whiteness,’ with the annual event serving as a showcase of students’ final projects for the class,” the site continued.

The Fix also informs, “Various titles for projects included ‘White Avoidance,’ ‘Civilized vs. Uncivilized,’ ‘Kill the Land, Kill the Indian,’ ‘White Women’s Role in White Supremacy,’ ‘Gun Ownership and Racial Bias’ and more,” with each station having students standing by to expound upon their “whiteness studies.”

By the way, your child can have all this — and more — at Cal State San Marcos for the four-year bargain sum of $160,000 (out-of-state tuition, fees, room and board, and misc.).

The institution’s intellectualism is striking, too. As the Fix reported on the sins of Kneeler Central (the NFL), one project argued that the league “is to blame for its role in white supremacy, as most football players are black, yet most coaches, who many times were previous players, are white. It also noted that an even higher majority of team owners are white.”

Question: Are whites, who are still a majority in the United States, allowed to dominate numerically in anything today other than overdose (mostly opioids) deaths, without “racism” and “privilege” being blamed?

As for the children’s Christian TV show VeggieTales, it supposedly “perpetuates racial stereotypes. A female student who worked on the project said in an interview that the accents of the evil characters tend to sound ethnic, such as Latino, while the good characters sound white,” the Fix also writes.

Now, I have no idea if all the show’s dominant, sweetness-and-light vegetables are cauliflowers (I probably don’t spend as much time watching children’s programming as leftists do), but the reality is that white veggies are a small minority in Veggiedom, much as white people are only 15 percent of humanity. Yet PJMedia did elaborate on the thesis, pointing out that the accents are designed to be humorous and writing that perhaps “the most memorable of these silly accents,” in “Josh and the Big Wall,” is French (video below). Is this anti-white-European?

As the top commenter under the above video writes, “Middle Eastern peas with Roman Helmets and French accents. seems legit.” (Hey, is that multiculturalism or cultural appropriation gone crazy?)

The point is that VeggieTales is supposed to be fun. Maybe leftists’ real problem with it is that it’s Christian, but anyone rendering the Cal State San Marcos analysis requires analysis of a different kind.

There are many reasons for the attacks on whites, starting with old-fashioned hatred and envy. One overlooked factor, however, is that the Left always seeks power by attempting to destabilize and overthrow the existing power structure. Thus did it attack the bourgeoisie in relatively homogeneous 1917 Russia and — since class-oriented appeals don’t work as well (though they’re also used) in the far wealthier United States — thus is racial and ethnic division exploited in our balkanized time. And since our nation had historically been 85-percent white, white men largely comprise the power structure and, therefore, are the most assailed.

Of course, most in the anti-white vanguard are white themselves (social-justice warriors), and it’s easy to get angry at or mock them. Yet these are people morally adrift. They never were inculcated with what ancient Greek philosopher Plato called an “erotic attachment” (meaning, emotional) to virtue when children; instead, their emotional foundation was twisted via bad parenting and the influence of academia, the media, and, especially, entertainment and its perverse eroticism.

The result, as Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov warned in the 1980s, is that they’re “demoralized,” meaning, their morality has been undermined. They are “programmed,” as he put it, and thus are not receptive to the dictates of reason. This is why they’re so unreasonable and cannot be reasoned with — only defeated.

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